Social Media Marketing

We LUV Social, It’s built into our name & all our values! Our team have vast experience not only on the standard platforms but those more obscure ones too! The team spend hours and hours reading, learning & implementing the very latest trends & changes.

“We’re here to help you build a raving fan base, create leads & opportunities, PLUS build you an awesome social strategy that you can use time and time again”.

The team want to help you grow your business, they want to help you make better revenues and they want to help you gain the very best ROI on any investments you make.

With today’s fast paced and ‘online’ world you NEED to be using social media to find, nurture, engage & sell to potential customer’s time and time again.

Our team work using a 4 step plan: -

Step 1 - CLARITY

We’ll review your accounts and online presence to give us a great starting place, we need to know how successful (or not) you have been to date.


We’ll build a road map, which looks at your brand & how best to communicate with your customers including tone of voice needed.


We’ll work together to create the most awesome plan to make sure you get the very best ROI.


We’ll work with you to show you how to create content that brings high quality, targeted & focused leads.

By Working With Luv4 Marketing You Can Expect: -

  • BRAND - We’ll help bring your online brand together from website to socials.

  • SOCIAL TONE - We’ll help you speak to your customers in a way that ‘fits’ your business tone.

  • ANALYTICS - We’ll work together to review your results and make decisions to really make a difference.

  • PPC - We use our vast experience in making sure all advertising investments get the very best returns.

  • INFLUENCER - We work to find key influencers in the industry or specific platform.

  • CREATIVE - We help to create creative & engaging posts that fit the marketing plan.

Start Today...

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