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Luv4 Marketing provides pay per click services for businesses looking to outperform their competition online. With the help of our 15 years+ experience of running targeted online advertising campaigns, we work with you to create a full lead generation machine system that you can turn on like a tap, generating instant, trackable ROI.

The Problem:

Digital Advertising spend grew by 17.3% to £10.3 billion in 2016 - Driven by advertisers’ need to tap into people’s rising use of mobile to watch content – according to the Internet Advertising Bureau UK / PwC Digital Adspend report. The last time annual growth was higher was 2007.

In 2003, a search results page on Google would display organic listings at the top of the search results, however today in 2017 4 paid advertisement listings appear at the top, followed by local listings. Both Google and Facebook have been pushing paid advertising, as this is where they make most of their revenue.

The problem is that with so much competition on these networks, online marketing campaigns can become very expensive, especially without the right knowledge. Many businesses often have teams with little knowledge of Online lead generation and are competing against big advertising agencies for wall space.

Another problem is that business owners often have no way to measure return on investment from social media and digital marketing as their efforts are often disjointed and not connected.

The Solution:

The Luv4 Marketing team has vast experience of running targeted online advertising campaigns over many platforms including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and other networks. Over the years this constant test and measure worth many hundreds of thousands of pounds has translated into extremely valuable knowledge of how to consistently generate targeted leads online.

We make it easy for our clients to track real ROI and create you a winning PPC recipe that you can use long after you have finished with our services. Most online marketing agencies will only try to optimize your adverts, but landing pages, CRM integration and the sales process are all vitally important to run a successful advertising campaign. Likewise, Analytics is key to understanding where your results came from in order to improve future efforts. At Luv4 Marketing we optimize all these areas making sure you are always generating quality leads that turn into real sales.

As the business owner you should never be left in the dark when it comes to your advertising spend, so contact Luv4 Marketing today so we can help you retake control of your lead generation.

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