Lead Generation

Lead generation is the number one need for businesses today. Luv4 Marketing offers complete and affordable lead generation services for businesses looking to grow online. Whether you are looking to build a marketing list/database, or generate more direct sales we have a lead generation package ready for you. Our lead generation packages include landing pages, Pay per click advertising setup & management and CRM integration. As part of any package you will be able to use our high performance book-a-call system where prospects book straight into your calendar.

After hundreds of thousands of pounds test and measure we have developed unrivalled lead generation systems that work in any market we have tried this far. Our attention to detail will set us aside from the competition and you will not only understand your numbers, but also understand how to calculate key lead generation metrics moving forwards.

Do you know how many times your advert has to be served in order to generate a click? Or how many clicks your advert needs in order to gain a conversion? If you don’t know figures such as these then you are trying to generate leads without fully understanding how your material works.

We offer advert creation and management across all major platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google so you can target exactly where your audiences are. The lead generation system that we setup will be yours to use whenever you want, giving you the ability to turn on and off your leads like a tap.