Luv4 Marketing offer a range of online marketing services to help you outperform your competition in the digital marketing and social media space.

Check out just some of the services we offer below, or visit the individual service page.


  • Keyword Analysis – The ‘DEMAND’ for your products & services
  • Rankings – The ‘SUPPLY’, where do you rank on Page 1 for each search term?
  • Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools Analysis & reporting
  • Google AdWords Test – To prove the actual cost per visitor
  • Build the structure for your website to achieve your New Page 1 positions
  • If required, include the new architecture into your existing website
  • Monthly report to show growth
  • Local Listings optimisation


  1. 90% of people scroll past the advertising positions on Page 1 of Google
  2. % of people look for your website before making a buying decision and if not on page 1 impacts negatively on your business
  3. Speed of your website is important for rankings and user behaviour
  4. is your website on a secure server (https)?
  5. How does your website attract the user to click into your website – Header tags, titles and descriptions are crucial for traffic improvements and rankings
  6. Keyword Analysis shows you the ‘demand’ for your products and services. How much traffic are you missing out on?
  7. How many times do you appear on Page 1 – the ‘supply’.  Command Your Page 1
  8. Track your rankings over time against your competition 

Lead Generation

  • Creation of Landing Pages to attract the lead
  • Build the Thank you pages to warm the prospect further
  • Integration into CRM system
  • Creation of Facebook adverts
  • PPC Facebook Advert management
  • Google Keyword Analysis
  • Google Adwords Setup
  • PPC Google Adwords Management
  • Reporting


  1. Targeted, quality leads are critical for every business
  2. Instant, measurable and easily controlled
  3. Know your lead to sale cost and increase sales accordingly
  4. Purpose built landing pages for each service and product to improve further
  5. Landing pages and adverts that convert
  6. Turn your website into a lead generation machine

Website Development

  • Using our preferred supplier at £300 per day (reduced from £500 per day)
  • Additional bonus discounts on price if SEO is added on top
  • Clean, SEO optimized & easy-to-manage websites 


  1. Your website is the front door to your business
  2. Is your website mobile friendly - if not you are missing out on sales
  3. Mobile devices overtook desktop 2 years ago
  4. How you rank on desktop to mobile will differ depending on how Google sees your website.
  5. Website speed and security are major factors for good SEO
  6. Our website design team are experts in the field of SEO optimization
  7. Make use of landing pages that convert the best online

Digital Marketing Coaching

  • We train your team to become digital marketing experts
  • Regular weekly training over Skype on every digital subject
  • Utilize our proven online marketing systems
  • No contract – once your team have been trained sufficiently, use the systems to grow your business forever


  • Provides the best medium/long-term ROI
  • Your team gain more skills, but also practical knowledge/application
  • Step-by-step approach starting with the foundations
  • Any skill level suitable
  • Use of our systems/skills which have taken 100,000’s of pounds of test and measure to hone.

Reputation Management

  • Keyword Analysis
  • Rankings
  • Reviews pages SEO
  • Partner sites SEO
  • Trusted sites rankings to identify partner sites
  • Content plan
  • Local SEO Optimization (built in)


  • Dominate your own marketing space
  • Gain more conversions
  • Gain more leads
  • Protect your brand online

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