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Our Marketing Masterclass is built with your business in mind, breaking down a complete online customer journey for you to build into your business.

Welcome To Marketing Masterclass

Welcome to the Marketing Masterclass programme, our most comprehensive and complete programme yet.
Learn all you need to know about how to market your business online in just 6 easy sessions.

We’ll take you through a unique roadmap of essential learnings and give you your very own personal dashboard where more videos and resource guides covering the topics in detail are available to teach you what’s needed to take you to the next level.

We guarantee that by the end of the programme you’ll be able to master the essentials of modern day online marketing in your business. We cover planning, websites, lead generation, paid advertising, social media, which covers the complete ‘Customer Journey’.

This course not only helps you find your target audience but helps you nurture them along the way to sale. Everything we cover on this programme is with Lead Generation in mind, so the more you learn the more you could earn too!

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How it works

You’ll attend 6 key sessions over a 12 week period on which you will be taught the essentials of online marketing. Each session is broken down to cover that particular topic (see full list below) and is accompanied with additional resources from worksheets, handy guides, must reads and video teaching.

As you work through the sessions you will be able to take the learnings straight into your business and implement instantly, meaning you will see instant results too!

The Six Key Sessions Are

  • 1) Game Plan

    Understanding Key Numbers & Initial Online Audits

    This first session known as your “Game Plan” covers knowing your key numbers, checking site speeds, website audits and using existing numbers and audits to set new clear goals. With a clear understanding on how you are performing it will allow you to make plans in improving those numbers, bringing you more online success.

    We will show you exactly the key numbers you need to know about and better still how to improve them. So whether your goal is to reach new people, attract more traffic or gain more leads and sales, you will be covered.

    We will also cover:

    • Page 1 Listings
    • Rankings
    • What Google Wants
    • Secure Sites
    • Speed Testing
    • Website Audits
    • Identifying Key Target Markets
    • Plus So Much More ...

    By the end of this session you can expect to really know your key numbers and just as importantly how to improve them to help you rank, lead generate and make sales.

  • 2) Website

    Setting Up Your Website For Lead Generation Success

    Session two covers a full analysis of the current website and the setup of website optimisation tools in order to prepare a “Line In The Sand” for future online growth. It also covers developing organic reach through SEO.

    Spending time analysing and tweaking your website is a great way to see the necessary changes needed to work for you, your customers and for Google. Thousands of websites today don’t consider the end user, aren’t optimised for Google or don’t portray their business in the right way.

    We will show you how to optimise your website using our step by step SEOand website performance approach, making sure your website is built for Google and you can be found for the key terms you want.

    By the end of this session you will be clear on how your website is received, where your main focus will be to move forwards and what actions you can take to achieve quick wins in the rankings.

    We will also cover:

    • Google Analytics
    • Google Search Console
    • Website Errors
    • Indexed Pages
    • Google Core Vitals
    • Keyword Analysis
    • Ranking Checking
    • Website Architecture
    • Google My Business
    • Plus So Much More ...

    You will leave the session fully focused on what areas of your website need improving and what you can do about it!

  • 3) Lead Generation

    CTAs & Optimised Landing Pages

    The lead generation session’s main focus is to cover the website CTAs (call to actions) and the creation/ optimisation of landing pages specifically designed for lead generation. With these key pages and tools setup correctly you will have increased your opportunity for sales.

    Many websites are losing potential leads every day by sending their audience to unoptimized pages, wasting budget and hurting confidence to engage with paid advertising. Unlike other marketing companies who are happy to spend your budget sending people to poorly optimized pages, we put in place the foundations on your landing pages first. When you come to market to your audience with your marketing budget, you can have the confidence that every visitor to your pages has a high chance to convert.

    Most campaigns will fail if the customer journey isn’t completed beforehand and this includes key pages and key links along the way. Businesses often post on social media with little thought of the next stages and often blame the social platform for the lack of success.

    The truth is, with the right setup, you are more likely to attract your target audience and be more likely to create opportunity that can be converted into sales.

    We will also cover:

    • Lost Leads
    • CTA Techniques
    • Lead Generation Funnel
    • Landing Pages
    • Conversion Scores
    • Using Pixels In Your Website
    • Data Capture With Your CRM System
    • Synchronised Lead System
    • Plus So Much More ...

    You’ll finish this session knowing how to create successful landing pages and how to use CTAs to connect them with your CRM System.

  • 4) Paid Advertising

    Lead Generation Through Paid Advertising

    This session covers the process of setting up lead generation campaigns on various platforms including the setup and optimisation of targeting, adverts and lead management.

    Once we have helped you generate your key target audience, we will takeyou through various campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google, demonstrating how to generate leads on all these key platforms in your business today and for years to come.

    We will also cover:

    • Identifying Your Key Target Audience
    • Lead Magnets
    • Pixel Implementation
    • Facebook Advertising
    • Key Facebook Campaigns
    • Google Adwords
    • Google Adwords Conversion Campaigns
    • LinkedIn Advertising
    • LinkedIn Lead Generation Campaigns
    • Plus So Much More ...

    You’ll leave this session with a good understanding of how paid advertising works and how to setup your own campaigns.

  • 5) Social Media & CRM

    Finding Leads Through Social

    Session five is all about the ‘Socials’, after all your business needs to be seen! In this session you will be taken through the key platforms and key strategies to align with your lead generation plan.

    Using Social Media in your business is essential, but just as important is working the opportunities. You’ll learn what each opportunity is and plan how you will maximise each one through to conversion.

    We also cover how to create a sales funnel using a CRM system to nurtureonline leads through a sales pipeline to conversion and how to effectively use Social Media for lead generation in your business.

    We will also cover:

    • Social Selling
    • Key Facebook Tools
    • Online Events
    • Automation
    • Managing Multiple Platforms
    • Optimising Your LinkedIn Profile
    • Generating Leads Through Instagram
    • Twitter, YouTube, Snap Chat, TikTok & Pinterest
    • Connecting With A CRM System
    • Creating A Sales Pipeline
    • Creating A Follow Up Lead Process
    • Plus So Much More ...

    You will finish the session with a complete understanding of your social media goals and how to achieve them.

  • 6) 90 Day Plan

    Review And Leveraging Strategies

    The final session is all about bringing your learnings together to formulate the ultimate plan for your business. It’s hard to make a full strategic marketing plan without an understanding of the tools and individual strategies that can be used to together in a unified approach. Now you understand your tools and have a thorough grasp of these tools and strategies can be combined, you are now ready to take the next step and formulate your full digital marketing plan.

    As digital marketing is an area that continually evolves, we look to review this plan every 90 days keeping the same proven foundations at the heartof it. Throughout the sessions you will have identified key areas that need urgent attention, so you will now be able to populate a plan that you can work towards in the next 90 days and beyond.

    We will cover:

    • 90 day plan and how to implement it
    • Planning Key Numbers
    • New Online Marketing Audits
    • All Key Google Numbers
    • Lead Generation Breakdown
    • Paid Advertising Analysis
    • Social Media Review
    • Plus So Much More ...

    You will leave this final session ready to take your business to the next level online using the learnings taught over the 6 sessions.

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