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From 25 May 2018, new regulations will be introduced which affect how our business handles people's data. This is called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As the UK has since left the EU, the policy has been updated from the 31st December 2020. Luv4 Marketing is following the new version for the UK, that being UK GDPR. Compliance with the regulations will be an on-going process and Luv4 have appointed a data protection officer to advise and manage compliance with the regulation. Full details of our data protection officer can be found below should you have any questions.

All documentation will be added to this page, to include policy and privacy notices that are compliant with the new regulations.

Your data will be handled in the same manner in accordance with legal principles.

Key Points:

The data we collect will only be that which is needed to provide you with the product and service that is needed. We will never allow outside parties to see your information without consent given by you in writing.

Your data is locked down in secure CRM servers and only accessed by team members who specifically need to see the information that is required to perform the task. For example login details for a social media platform when you agree on a task.

Your details will be removed from the system if and when a contract expires, is no longer needed and if you request we do so.

Luv4 is committed to continue to review, test and measure the system in line with future laws, guidelines and changes that require us to protect your data.

Data Protection Officer (DPO):

Although there is not a requirement for Luv4 Marketing to have a Data Protection Officer, we have built a team filled with experts from our disciplines to make sure we’re on track and stay on track.
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