How To Turn Any YouTube Video Into A GIF

How To Turn Any YouTube Video Into A GIF

For those new to GIF’s, they are in marketing terms an animated piece of content that can run for a length of time and can be looped or stopped as you request. GIF’s are great for grabbing attention and engagement; you already know the importance of standing out on busy timelines so using GIF’s is a real win/win.


The great news is that you can create your own GIF’s by using YouTube videos. (This includes other people’s videos, but we would always recommend gaining permission before marketing with them).

By creating your own branded GIF’s you’re ensuring that the user is seeing something new and that you are in control of your marketing. No more long searches trying to find GIF’s to match your content!

To make your GIF, all you need to do is visit YouTube, find the video you wish to use and insert the word gif after the www. for example: - video)

By doing this you will be taken to a website called where your video will be waiting to be edited into a GIF. Most GIF’s are between 5 – 10 seconds so you’ll want to select a relevant part to make into your GIF.

Go through the tabs making the relevant changes until you are ready to download. Once you download you’ll be able to use in your online & social marketing by uploading the file.


Are You Ready To Start?

Online Marketing is essential but often businesses don’t have the time or skills. Marketing your business is about being realistic with your time and finding new and creative ways to stand out. Using GIF’s is a great way to do just this, remember timelines are often busy so you need to catch the attention of your users by being creative like this.

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