5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Websites Productivity

5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Websites Productivity

Your website is your online tool to help sell your products or services, but how often do you review how its performing?

The performance of your website will change your revenues dramatically when you have every page working hard for you. Start by reviewing the analytics of your website so you have a starting point then make small subtle changes and review overtime.

For 5 quick fixes use the tips below: -

1. Call To Action Buttons

Customers will only purchase your products if you make it easy for them to buy! It might sound obvious but place ‘Call To Action’ buttons in your website to give your customers easy opportunities to purchase from you.

2. Plan The Journey

Having a call to action feature can be increased by planning out the rest of the journey. If your customer fills out a web form, then why not embed it into a CRM system or email platform that is set with auto responders that help give more value or sell products.

3. Connect The Pages

Make sure you connect your webpages and content to extend the readers experience. Most websites don’t connect pages and so when the reader has read the original page they leave altogether, a few links would keep the reader engaged and extend the time spent on your website which in turn could lead them to sales.

4. Think About Your Call To Action Placement

Test and measure your website to see what buttons are placed where! You’ll find patterns of ‘hot spots’ and these should be used to place key buttons or items you wish to sell.

5. Connect Your Blog With Your Call To Actions

Don’t forget to blog! And just as important don’t forget to add your call to actions to your blogs. When you write a great blog your customers are likely to be getting closer to buying and so placing your call to action buttons is a must!

Are You Ready To Start?

Make time to continuously review your website making changes as you feel its needed. Too many businesses setup a website and walk away thinking that its all finished. For SEO and customer experience reasons alone you should always work the key areas of your pages to bring the maximum results.

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