How Not To Use Twitter For Your Business

How Not To Use Twitter For Your Business

Twitter for a business is great, especially at engaging with customers when your product or services hasn’t quite gone to plan. Businesses often have designated customer accounts to allow customers to voice their anger or ask for help (which keeps negativity away from the main account whilst servicing the needs of their customers).

A good example is from the recent ‘Beast From The East’ snowstorm that affected the UK. Storm Emma brought a vast amount of snow and disruption to many towns and cities, but it wasn’t the snow but the ice that caused the chaos. Many pipes were frozen and damaged several main water pipes causing no water for thousands of houses.

With western society so reliant on drinking water, showers and being able to flush toilets, you’ll understand that many customers became irate and vented their anger on social media (but especially Twitter!)

Here’s an example of customers that vented their anger with one particular water supplier.


When you offer products & services you need to be aware that potentially customers could contact you or mention your business 24 hours a day, 7 day a week. With that in mind its essential that you have a plan or that you have at least walked in the shoes of your customers to experience their journey.

You may at some point have a natural disaster in your business or an issue that stops you from operating. Maybe your server is down meaning your online product isn’t available or maybe the power has been cut to your business. The most important thing here is to COMMUNICATE!

To ignore your customers will create more negativity and will encourage others to share their anger too. When like in the example above there is no water, its essential to update the customer with a personal response and a estimate of how long it will take to fix the issue.

Protecting your business on Twitter is about creating an emergency plan should anything happen to your business. Live feeds, posts and direct messages would have kept the customer informed and allowed them to know what best to do in their scenario (whether shopping for drinking water or visiting friends and family for showers etc.).


Are You Ready To Start?

Don’t be scared to be on Twitter, it can be faster paced than the other platforms but you have millions of potential customers available to you. Remember you can win business from negativity, if a customer sees how well you have dealt with a problem then you’ll be more likely to win that customer for years to come.

Never ignore your customers, especially online. Weigh up what it costs to pay someone to respond versus losing your customer.

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