5 Ways To Maximize Your Tweet Impressions

5 Ways To Maximize Your Tweet Impressions

Twitter is a great business tool when used in the right way, User have mentioned declines in re-tweets and likes of their tweets when marketing, especially since the arrival of rival platforms like Instagram and Snapchat for instance.

Where this could look alarming, a visit to their Twitter Analytics showed that where the readers ‘actions’ were missing the tweets were still generating good reach and impressions (which means they were still in their customers minds). With so much content being shown across social media platforms it’s inevitable that the reactions & general engagement has slowed down.

With that in mind, concentrate on making structure tweets with meaning that work for your business when measured in Twitter Analytics.

To get the very best out of your time on Twitter you should look at the 5 points listed below: -

    With a character restriction of 140 characters it's not always easy to get your message across so use links to take your potential customer to external pages. Adding links allows you to extend the customers time and showcase pages that you would of preferred to have your customer land on in the first place. Using platforms like bitly.com for example will help track the success of your links too.
    Adding hashtags to your tweets will boost them onto further timelines and be found in keyword searches.  Your target audience could well be searching out products and services that you offer and by adding in these keywords into your hashtags will help you get found. 
    Timelines are busy places, make sure you add relevant images to make your marketing really standout. Be aware more and more people will add images too so try and be branded, standout and where possible use movement like GIFS or Video.
    Schedule your tweets if needed to ensure that your content is seen at the right time of the day for your target audience.  Tweets drop down timelines so its not unusual for your content to not be seen by a large audience, boost your chances by trying different times of the day and once you have the perfect time try tweaking into minutes so that you’re marketing is ultra targeted.
    Create your own Twitter lists to control where your connections are seen, create groups of target markets that you can easily keep updated with. Lists allow you to take important accounts and have them in one list so that you don’t miss their content or the opportunity from their tweets. Setup as many lists as you need and then visit on a regular basis.

Are You Ready To Start?

If you use the 5 tips on a regularly basis then you should see an increase in your tweets results in the Twitter Analytics section. Take your time to look at all the KPI’s in the analytics to see if you could improve the metric you are most motivated by.

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