Why The Old Ones Are The Best

Why The Old Ones Are The Best

There seems to be a more and more content being produced and savvy businesses are starting to produce great content to a really drilled down targeted audience. Content is a cost of your time and enthusiasm can waver especially as results aren’t what was hoped for in the first place. But what about looking at content that you have already created? The big question is: –

Is it a negative to re-use previous content on your social channels?

Review Your Content

If you are sending out content then the chances are that you’ll have built up quite a library of very useful blog, tweets, posts or pins even that your audience will be happy to receive. Search engines love new content so you’ll be focused on creating yet another masterpiece for the coming week. But what about your old content?

Think about this for a moment, it already has a history, it already has likes and comments so why wouldn’t you use that to your advantage. Update any content that needs to be updated and re-fresh any areas that you think are needed, change the date and re-send.

You’ll have an audience that is yet to find you, like you or read your content, you’ll have an audience that might be still learning about the basics of your industry and isn’t yet ready for the very latest news.  Sending out an old piece of content will help with an audience that perhaps you have been neglecting because you’ve been too busy being at the front of your profession. 

Another great benefit is the customers journey. Using older content means that you will probably have new links that can be added to the content that extend your customers journey and give additional value. This might be to other blogs, eBooks, landing pages or products that are now more established or better still evolved into something that you couldn’t sell months ago.

Don’t however, neglect your online marketing plan because you have all the content you need. Instead add this tactic to your plan and know that you just might be extended the reach of your readers.

Analyse The Results Of Your Content

Most businesses we work with have never looked at their reports of their campaigns or analysed their content. If this is you then STOP! You are blindly posting content with very little thought and effort, you are merely flipping a coin to see if the content works or doesn’t and worst still you’ll be missing opportunity after opportunity.

Send out your content and make a note in your diary to review, how did it do? What can you change? Was it sent at a good time or day? And so on. Reviewing your content will help you to become more focused on the end goal. Are you trying to build your followers? Receive more link clicks? Just sell a product or service? There is no right answer, except the answer that you don’t know why you market!

Make your marketing match your goals for the best chance of great results.

Tweak The Content

If your content has performed well then you should be using it again already, why would you create something that is perfect for your audience only for it to have a shelf life of several weeks? 

Tweaking content is where the fun begins, to fully have a great understanding of your audience you’ll need to know what works and what doesn’t. You can only do this with a test and measure scenario. Bit by bit try changing the titles, the images, the meta tags, meta titles, content, call to action and colours. Then return to see how your content is being received.

Are You Ready To Start?

It’s good to use old content but ideally content that has been tested and measured so that you can make the relevant tweaks. Update as you need to and make sure your customers journey is complete.

You may work in an industry that nothing really changes so re-using the content could be essential. You’ll need to think about what your audience wants to receive and then react accordingly.

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