It's Time For An Online Spring Clean

It's Time For An Online Spring Clean

Spring is here and change is in the air, you may of noticed more light, more sunshine and a general better overall feeling to the month. Take the chance to start spring the right way by investing time into your online accounts to see what the status is of you using them versus not needing them any longer.

Businesses signup to multiple tools time and time again but most won’t remove or delete them. This can cause the mind not to see clear pictures or interferes with your focus so it really is a good idea to take a few hours off to review exactly where you are.

Here’s 5 ways you can spring clean today: -


1. Spring Clean Your Socials

Most people have social accounts that no longer use or barely have time for, so begs the question “why keep them?”. Your time is precious and so keeping your mind clear to focus on the socials that matter to you will not only help you focus, but will remove accounts that are looking poor because they no longer are in use (meaning a better overall online presence). You can always re-join if you feel the need in the future.

2. Remove Apps From Your Phone

Just like removing socials you should remove apps from your phone that you no longer need or use. It’s always lovely to visit the app store and download something new but unless your using it on a regular basis, it’s just another distraction or worst still storage cost you don’t need. Clear up your phone so you can be super focused on the right online tools.

3. Have That Update

Use the latest versions of your online platforms and programs, we all hit the ‘remind me later’ button but realistically we are costing ourselves in terms of performance and tools that each update brings. Updates aren’t done lightly from the owners of the platforms as it’s a cost to their business, so take the chance to work with the best versions they have to offer.

4. Remove The Junk

How many emails do you not open but simply delete? If that’s you then stop and unsubscribe instead! Email account should be clean and useful so remove all emails that you don’t wish to receive. How about setting up a second email address to protect your primary account? That way you can sign up to Ebooks or purchases online without effected your work flow etc.

5. Check You Out!

Finally, search for yourself online. That sounds vain but do you know what’s posted about you? Just like reading reviews in Amazon or the Apple Store for example, the internet could be full of reviews about you. If you do find negative reviews then you’ll have the opportunity to see what can be done about it.

Just like your home, you’ll have generated more and more over the years. It’s good to keep that focus by removing what’s not needed or important to you anymore so that you have a clear workspace.


Are You Ready To Start?

Make time to sit and go through your online accounts, favourites list and apps on your phone and start being ruthless with what’s not needed any longer. These accounts are usually free which is why we are happy to keep them, but most cause a distraction whether by displaying that red notification dot on the app or by pinging an email into our accounts.

You need to question when you aren’t using the app or platform, then why do you need to keep it?

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Stuart Baddiley

Stuart Baddiley

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