The Proof Is In The Pudding!

The Proof Is In The Pudding!

Not In Actual Food But In Social Media!

Social proof is that connection between your products and what others say about them. You can have the best restaurant, the best car, the best mobile phone but the consumer is likely to have reviewed your product in advance and if people are saying negative things about you then sadly you’ll lose the business.

Think about that for a moment, you spend your entire time making an awesome product, for people to give their opinion and either make or break you! This is why social proof is vital for your business.

You can hide away and hope that your product is strong enough to succeed or you can face the public and showcase your brand. If your product was receiving bad press then first fix the problems and respond positively to the reviewer.

“You should already have built a plan to be continuingly showcasing the product in its best light so when that odd negative review comes in it is displayed with positive ones too”

The warning here is don’t put fake reviews or ask staff members to make reviews instead work on the product until it is awesome and then ask your customers to leave reviews instead. Share those testimonials, be open to solving niggles online and do be active and in the front of your business not hidden away.

To have social proof in your business you’ll need to do some research into your own accounts. You’ll need to look at: -

  • Followers

    How many REAL followers do you have? Not those that have been purchased. How many people are following you on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis?

    A person following you organically is a big indicator that you are on the right track with your content!

  • Interaction

    How many people have taken the time to comment on your posts, shared, retweeted or pinned your content for example. To have the best social proof your content will need to gain a reaction and only by reviewing your timeline can you honestly answer.

  • Feedback

    Whether positive or negative if you are receiving feedback then your content is working. Negative feedback means that your content needs a slight tweak where as positive content should be repeated if it fits your marketing plan.

  • Reviews

    What can make or break a business? REVIEWS.

    Holidays, electrical goods and restaurants are all reliant on good reviews as people make decisions based on what others have said and even more importantly how you have responded!

So Why Is Social Proof Important To You?

There are two very important reasons social proof is vital for your business: - 

  1. Firstly, you need to be influential in your marketing, so recognizing where you sit with your social marketing will allow you to make the necessary changes to be seen as influential.  If you are influential people listen and so when you say buy - they buy!
  2. Secondly, by having social proof you are more likely to spend time on protecting your business and reputation because you understand that people will happily NOT buy your products if a total stranger tells them not to.

Are You Ready To Start?

Look at all your accounts and make sure that people are responding to your content.  When they are responding then you can officially call yourself influential and be happy that your marketing plan is working well.

You should also be pro-active and find your business listings, reviews and online comments and make sure all have been responded to. Make it part of your plan to always be online and always be available to your customers whether they are being positive or negative.

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Stuart Baddiley

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There are 4 things you need to be successful online: an open-mind, a plan, consistency and a test & measure mindset! There are millions of potential customers out there that you just haven't met yet and online will certainly get you there. It's just the best journey!

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