It's Now The Little Things In Your Marketing That Matter

It's Now The Little Things In Your Marketing That Matter

Marketing has moved up another level over the past year due mainly to personal marketing. Personal marketing in this instance is not just about finding people who live in a certain town or want a certain product or service but now it’s about the ‘would likes’ and the ‘add on’ that matters if you want the best ROI on your marketing.

Where before data completed, algorithms, cookies and history all played a major part in being to find a target customer, now we have to take it up a level & start matching keywords and phrases like never before.

Online marketing searches will come back with the results we first desired, find me “someone who is in business and lives in my home town” for example. But it’s not enough anymore; businesses are demanding more they want more information on their products and services to match specific phrases.

Trainer sales can be found using keywords like trainers, running shoes, sneakers and comfy shoes to name a few in search terms. But what the businesses really want to know is the additional information. They know as we do that customers search with long tail phrases, like ‘red Adidas running trainers’ or ‘Comfy Beach Shoes’ which means you probably would be missed if your setup has failed to mention these specifics likes, makes, colours, style or type for example.

So the next step for you is to start to think like your customers do, meta titles, meta descriptions and keywords should be placed for both what the customers’ needs (like navigation) and what the customer would search for.

Fail to re-think or evolve into this type of thinking will see your marketing start to take a back seat to your competitors as they ‘work’ google by supplying exactly what google requires to match the search term your potential customers are searching with.

“Remember Google likes to match your customer with the best possible answer, so it makes sense to give Google the best possible answer!” 


Are You Ready To Start?

It’s all in the initial setup of your products & services and your online advertising, so take the time to take care when getting your online shop ready. Think like your customers, do keyword searches and use the mass of information available to you to complete the page. Then most importantly test, test, test and test again.

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Stuart Baddiley

Stuart Baddiley

I love everything to do with online marketing and social media, I've spent years working with different sized businesses and various industries to build awesome brands, highly engaged audiences and of course generate leads. I love that every person/ business is different and that everyone has a different challenge that they want to overcome, I love even more that I can help them!

There are 4 things you need to be successful online: an open-mind, a plan, consistency and a test & measure mindset! There are millions of potential customers out there that you just haven't met yet and online will certainly get you there. It's just the best journey!

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