Is SEO A Cost To Your Business?

Is SEO A Cost To Your Business?

SEO is still the number 1 area that businesses want to conquer when it comes to online marketing. The desire to be on page one because they see the benefits of a customer finding their site first is always pleasing to see, but not all businesses are prepared to invest the energy, time and money needed to ‘play the game’.

For businesses that think SEO companies simply click a button or switch around a few keywords, which couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is that SEO has to be a continuous tactic regardless if you are number 1 on page 1 or number 4 on page 10.

With so many online businesses ready to take your position, it’s time to start the conversations on how to get to page 1 and how to protect your status once you are there.

Businesses are right that once a customer lands on page 1 for that search term that you are statistically more likely to be clicked if in the opening spaces. With that in mind how much potential revenue will that make you? or if you drop away from page 1 how much potential revenue will you be losing?

Do a simple check right now, type in the keywords that you want to be found for and see how well you rank. Remember if you are typed in that phrase, your customer will have done too. In fact, they will have typed in endless amounts of variations that you may not have thought about so it’s important to do a keyword check using many of the online tools available.

The reality is that SEO isn’t like social media in that you can pick it up and be successfully fairly easily. SEO needs time, skill and measurement which is why businesses need to work with professional companies to achieve their goals. We have seen endless amounts of money spent on PPC or other online advertising campaigns to bring in that regular flow of customers, so the question is why do businesses not invest in being found organically

Skill Set - Businesses haven’t the skills to rank so don’t start the process

Time - Businesses can’t keep up with the Google algorithm changes so what was working quickly starts to not work

Leads - Businesses panic when leads are low & so look to socials for a quick fix

Spam Calls & Emails - Businesses have received spam or cold calls giving SEO a negative reputation

Cost - Businesses think that SEO is expensive or that they look at it as a cost rather than a lead funnel

The learnings from SEO and business in this modern online world is that you simply can’t ignore it. You may not think of SEO as sexy or it may not be first choice on your investment list, but having it optimised will bring you leads and will increase your revenues.


Are You Ready To Start?

Help yourself by knowing what your business wants to be found for, not just the first line of words but secondary words too. Think like a customer and search out phrases that you think they would use, after all that’s what you ideally would be found for.

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