#Hashtag Your Event

#Hashtag Your Event

If you want to make your marketing rock then the #hashtag could be the answer. You’ve seen them in tweets, posts, pins and other content driven marketing as a way of increasing the reach and creating more opportunity.

Events all over the world use hashtags that help to group that keyword with each other so that it’s easy to find and more importantly are being used so much that it is classed as TRENDING! (Sporting hashtags like #MelbourneCup #PL #EFLCUP #NFL #formula1 will give you great examples).

You also should think about keywords that are associated with your event that could be picked up via the search options. Adding hashtags like #conference20 #BigNetworkshow #LondonTradeShow #BNI20 #BusinessLadies for example will help to boost people finding your event.

So How Do You Choose A Hashtag For Your Event?

You will need to plan your hashtag out before sending out any of your marketing material. Here are some things to consider: -

  • Remember a hashtag isn’t unique to you so anyone can use it so try and stay away from keywords that are over popular. Research by searching the platform and see if it has been used and whether you think it is acceptable to use for your campaign.
  • Be clear and as short as possible but keeping it relevant. Some platforms like Twitter have a character restriction so having a very long hashtag could use precious space.
  • When abbreviating make sure it is relevant, for example if your promoting ‘small business week 2020’ then #SBW2020 would be acceptable.
  • Keep it memorable! Why would you create a hashtag that people struggle to remember? Ideally the event and the hashtag are mentioned and on first glance could be understood.

Are You Ready To Start?

Once you have chosen your hashtag you need to promote it, obviously you would have it in every relevant tweet but think about your other marketing materials from online like images, posts, blogs, email signatures etc. and offline such as flyers and letters.

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