Have You Lost Your Content Inspiration?

Have You Lost Your Content Inspiration?

Being creative or trying to find new content that is relevant to your target audience can be time consuming and often a reason businesses don’t post often enough. This is especially true for businesses that have one product or service to offer.

There is one tactic that might just save you time and put you directly into your potential target customers path. It’s a tactic so simple yet barely any businesses use it and that’s “to use Google search exactly as your customers would”.

Try it yourself, open up Google and type a sentence as if you were a customer. You’ll notice that as you type Google will try and predict what you are searching for using past searches from other people.


The main point to remember is to think about the long tail term, so rather than red shoes it would be searching ‘men’s red Adidas trainers’ just like your customers would search for.

Using this tactic will give you topics & inspiration that has a real relevance to your audience. Even though you will not know how popular that particular phrase was without dropping into adwords you can guarantee that it has been searched before, remember Google’s mission is to match you with the very best answer to your questions and that includes helping you with the question in the first place.


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There are millions of searches made and if you can match that search with your pages then you’ll increase the chance of being found by your target audience. Nothing is better than someone searching for your product or service and you being returned as the answer (that’s a warm lead wanting to buy from you). Always think like your customer and always allow Google the opportunity to find the content so it can match the two together.

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