4 Key Content Ideas To Use On Your Social Media Platforms

4 Key Content Ideas To Use On Your Social Media Platforms

Creating content on social media can be hard especially when it comes to what to write and why you would write it in the first place. We suggest looking at 4 key points to help you start creating content that your audience would want to see (mainly as it’s all designed with them in mind)

The 4 key points that you should consider are: -

  1. Teach the audience something useful
  2. Entertain the audience
  3. Help your audience with a challenge
  4. Make the audiences life easier

You’ll notice that at no point does the list include a hard sell; instead it offers the reader a good reason to enjoy the content and use in their own businesses. 

1. Educational Posts (Teach The Audience Something)

People follow your accounts for a reason so make sure that you give them regular content to read/ watch. With that in mind you may choose to teach your audience something that is relevant to your business.

Restaurants would share a recipe, accountants might choose cash-flow sheets or florist may offer videos on how to arrange flowers. Teach your audience something that is useful for their business and something they can adapt time and time again (they won’t forget who taught them that lesson).


2. Motivational Posts (Entertain The Audience)

Posts that evoke an emotion normally do well and motivation is up there with the best. If you can inspire people to be more positive with that aspect of their lives then you’ll have increased the opportunities of building a great relationship moving forward.

Inspirational quotes and nice stories would be a good example of a motivational content piece.


3. How To Posts (Help The Audience)

Easily the best content type you can write or record as it answers those questions asked by real people that might have that particular challenge in their business.

Answering the challenge will help form the relationship and make it easier to sell to in the long-term. Alternatively the solution might be your product and services so the sales process increases.

Type into Google questions you would ask if you were your own customers and then write the appropriate response in a blog, post, vlog, or newsletter etc.


4. Solution Based Posts (Make The Audience Life Easier)

Make your audience life better by thinking about what they need and what you would do if you ran their business. You may choose to share a networking event that you think would work for them or perhaps introduce a product or service that would be beneficial to them.

Solution based marketing is about finding the solution to the problem on behalf of your customer and then creating content that helps find the solution.

There are other post types you will consider as the time goes on but try these 4 as a place to start on your marketing plan as a great place to start.


Are You Ready To Start?

Creating a plan for your social content will help you stay focused on what’s important to your customers and keep your engagement rates high. Social content is all about test and measuring until you have the ultimate strategy that you can use time and time again.

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