How To Build Your Brand FAST!

How To Build Your Brand FAST!

We all want to build our brand fast so that we have more customers than we ever dreamt of but is this realistic?

Building a brand will convert readers into fans and we all know that fans hold the key in getting more sales and better business revenues!

Following the crowd will certainly not help you build a brand fast but instead look to these 8 tactics that will give your audience a better experience than with your competitors: -


1. Offer Refer A Friend Scheme

A quick way to build the customer numbers is by encouraging others to refer. This could be a simple refer a friend or by using a paid method of giving away something for every sign up.

2. Partner With Other Businesses

A good way to build a business is to find other businesses to partner with as often they have a similar customer base that you have. Working with others gives the perception that you are trustworthy and a big organization.

Working with more people will inevitably increase the opportunities and so give you a better chance of sales.

3. Invite People Into Beta Testing Or Exclusive Groups

Give the audience something different by offering exclusive groups, beta tests or sign ups to special groups. That way your business is fresh and different meaning the customer will be more likely to respond than if you are the same as others for example.

4. Guest Create & Back Link Where Possible!

Build your name and brand by spreading yourself out across other sites (especially those they allow back links to your site). You’ll need to be a guest writer, blogger or vlogger to build up your own credibility with others.

5. Look At Standing Out On Busy Timelines

Timelines remain busy places so look at different ways to get your message out there. Look at video, GIFs or infographics to really stand out in a visual way that readers love to see.

6. Use The ‘Freemium Model’

Do you have a product that people love and use for free? Think like Mailchimp for example, they have thousands of accounts all sending emails to even more people with their logo stamped on the bottom (until you pay to upgrade).

Allow people to use your materials but make sure that your logos and details are stamped all over them so that when they are sent to the masses you are part of the free advertising too.

7. Make Your Users Real & Human (accounts that can be seen)

People react best when other people are seen! Think about Facebook, TripAdvisor, Review Sites to name a few. Giving your customers a presence in your business is a great way of encouraging more people in too.

8. Keep Testing!!

Have fun with the business and the content, test your headings, titles, descriptions, webpages. Make your business interesting and professional to those who come across it.

There is no magic wand to building a brand and especially one in hyper speed, but using the tactics above will certainly help spread the word and bring more opportunities for you.


Are You Ready To Start?

Build a marketing plan which includes using those tips above. Remember being the same as everyone else will just mean competing on the same level. Look to give your customers something new and exciting.

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Stuart Baddiley

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