5 Reasons Your Marketing Will Be Failing

5 Reasons Your Marketing Will Be Failing

Marketing your business online is sometime a challenging part of your plan, having the knowledge on how to create good content or when best to use that content for example will inevitably have an impact on your results.

These results normally will have a knock on effect, if the results are positive then you’ll believe you have struck gold and will spend more time and money into future campaigns. Have a bad result and you’ll be more likely to stop investing time and money and so limiting your potential business growth overall.

But what if you reviewed your marketing before making those decisions? What if you took the time to review each stage to see if the results are actually a true reflection? What if you took time to test and measure your marketing?

All fair questions and essential in your marketing, Even emails should be tested and measure, tweaked, re-sent, reviewed, tweaked again until you have a high open rate and high response rate. This is just as important for your online marketing, there are millions of potential customers that haven’t yet found you or haven’t bought from you. By analyzing each stage of your process you’ll start to tweak areas and see better results.

To help you on your way here is 5 of the most common reasons that your marketing will be failing: -

1. No Plan!

Sounds simple enough, but most businesses don’t have a written down marketing plan, in fact they tend not to have any plan! Just an idea in their heads of what they will post.  In your head plans don’t commit you and so your likely to not post content regularly and if you do is content that is almost rushed and without thought.

2. You Talk All About You

Just as not posting content is a no go, so is posting content that is all about you. Potential customers want their voices to be heard and have their problems solved. Find a formula that allows you to be of use to your customers whilst selling your products and services too.

3. You Don’t Update Your Readers With New Content

To be at the top of your game or be respected as a leading authority in your industry you need to keep potential customers updated with all the latest news. Creating new content shows you are a real, live and trustworthy source and are more likely to be remembered and followed.

4. You’ve Lost The Plot

Not literally, but more you are posting content that has no relationship with the business or more importantly the business plan. Once online marketing becomes time consuming or not as important as serving your customers needs then content usually starts to go backwards and in an attempt to complete the task of posting the content is rushed and substandard.

5. It’s Just Dull

Is your content written in the right tone or language? Are the images/ videos good enough to grab your customer’s attention? The list can go on but posting dull content is a waste of everybody’s time from the creator to the reader. Take the time out of your daily business to really plan each piece with care, remember you can use it again should it prove to be successful.

Take your time to look at every aspect and stage of your online marketing so that you know that it is working efficiently and given you the very best ROI.

Are You Ready To Start?

If you write the right content for the right people and deliver it in the right way then your audience will increase substantially because they want to read your marketing.  Having an highly targeted audience like this will inevitably bring increased sales.

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Stuart Baddiley

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There are 4 things you need to be successful online: an open-mind, a plan, consistency and a test & measure mindset! There are millions of potential customers out there that you just haven't met yet and online will certainly get you there. It's just the best journey!

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