5 Clear Ways To Market Your Business Online

5 Clear Ways To Market Your Business Online

There is no doubt over the years that marketing and especially online marketing has changed. As more and more people change their habits and become more open and social, businesses are finally able to attract mass audiences without the hard sell.

Successful and forward thinking companies have recognized this upward trend and are cleverly making key changes to the way they market in 2017.

Listed Below is 5 key ways these businesses are marketing their business online: -

  • Engage In Real Time
    Response time holds the key to customer service and to sales. Your customers want their questions answered and want to easily buy your products. Responding to your customers in real time (even if that’s within your opening hours) is essential. Limiting the wait that your customer receives will win business.
  • Use Social Targeting
    You’ll have used your social media for nurturing and engagement but you need to start to categorize your customers where possible into lists. This will allow you to send the right information to the exact right people! Lists on Twitter, Circles on Google+ are all great examples of methods you can use. Facebook & LinkedIn you’ll need to boost your posts via their advertising sections, this will allow you to drill down so that the perfect target audience is seeing the content that is perfect for them.
  • Plan Your Customers Journey
    Online marketing isn’t just about producing content nor is it just about nurturing and engagement – it’s about the whole journey. You’ll need to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and go through the system from start to finish. Think about your call to actions, value pages, contact forms and data capture, make it possible for a customer to learn more about you, take free value information, leave key contact details and obviously make it easy to buy from you!
  • Evolve
    Just as top companies have changed the way they market you should also be looking at evolving your online marketing too. Customers want a more targeted approach, they want to see content relevant to them, they want to see new ideas that fit their needs, they want you to help them with aspects of their lives. If you can be of use to your customer then you’ll receive further business from them. Fail to recognize their needs and expect a decline in your numbers.
  • The Next Big Thing
    To be truly in your customer’s eye you’ll need to be keeping them updated with the next big thing. For some businesses that is achievable, a restaurant for example can cook the trend food with little ease, but an accountant for example can’t reinvent the wheel so to speak. If your business is limited on jumping on new products then make sure you are at least partnering with the right people, having your name attached to a trending product isn’t the worst idea in the world!

Are You Ready To Start?

So whether you are new to online marketing or you’re a seasonal pro take your time to think about using these 5 strategies in your business moving forward. Think about the masses of customers who get bombarded on a daily basis, how do you stand out and be of value to them?

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