Why You Should Be Using Snapchat In Your Business

Why You Should Be Using Snapchat In Your Business

Snapchat isn’t just for personal use but is BIG for your business too, for those thinking, “here we go again, another social media platform” lets have a look at the real reasons you should consider getting your business snapping!

Snapchat is bringing your business something completely different to the other platforms in a short video message that once read will disappear. It sounds like a marketing nightmare, all that effort gone in seconds! But it’s the urgency of reacting to the message of the consumer that holds the key.

Twitter worked out a long time ago that we (the customer) does not have the time to read endless amount of content and so restricts you with the 140 characters and Snapchat follows suit with a short video to play to your audience.

Take these two elements of a short message with a once in a lifetime chance of seeing that video then you have something that nobody else is offering. Throw in a few tools to jazz up the video and you have the chance to communicate with your audience like never before.

Group On built an entire business on a once in a lifetime offer that allowed you something but only if you react now, it was only when the uniqueness of the offer went (i.e. more and more businesses could offer the same deal and so the urgency left) that sales would begin to fall.

Snapchat have conquered that theory by making sure that the content is unique and once only, never to be seen again. The customer feels special, part of a club as they have seen something that many others haven’t.

These short snippets of your life, business, brand, product or service could be enough to entertain your potential customers and keep them warm and loyal to your business (and all for a few minutes a day).

Are You Ready To Start?

More and more businesses are getting involved offering unique insights into their businesses, offers and promotions. They are building followers by showcasing cool hints and tips or allowing people into the very heart of their business. We buy off people we trust and nothing screams trust like videos that allow the customer behind the logo.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

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