Build A LinkedIn Community To Boost Business Numbers

Build A LinkedIn Community To Boost Business Numbers

LinkedIn is already an established platform for professionals but how do you maximise your time and generate connections that are likely to buy from you? The answer is by creating a LinkedIn Community.

Communities are those groups that are formed with common interests whether through the content or through the location for example which provides a like minded group of contacts all with a similar goal. Once built communities will share content, recommend business and buy from each other as over time trust has been built from just being in the group.

Creating posts used to be the tactic of choice but with timelines flooded its now time to build your own timeline with content you choose and with connections you would want to see your marketing (and thats where building a group comes in).

Building a group will allow you to build your own community of connections, you’ll be known as the thought leader for running the group and have the benefits that come with running a group. You’ll also be in control of the content thats posted and the people who can join. For an exchange of time and content you could be using an inbound methodology to engage and nurture future connections to sale.

Here Are 5 More Reasons To Build A LinkedIn Community Group

  1. Good For Personal Brand

    Whether you want to sell your products and services or just be known as the professional in your field nothing will help you more than creating a group that helps fellow professionals with their businesses. Putting yourself out there as a thought leader will inevitably lead you to more connection requests and more business opportunities.

  2. Send Weekly Messages

    When you own a group LinkedIn allows you to send one message a week to your members. Think how powerful that can be especially if you are trying to convert your members into sales.

  3. Drive Traffic To Your Website

    Being in charge of a group will give you the ‘power’ to choose if and when to drive people to your website. This could be through a post within the group or by using a link on the welcome email.

  4. Build A Community Of Like-Minded People

    Often selling your products and services can become easier when you have built a relationship with your audience. Relationships normally start because of a common interest, value or goal, with that in mind building a community of connections like this will speed up the sales process further down the line.

  5. Education

    It’s not uncommon for a thought leader or active professional to be so busy servicing their clients that they stop educating themselves. A group is a great way of letting others contribute to the timeline allowing you the owner to educate yourself all over again.

Are You Ready To Start?

Building a group is a relatively easy process but the reason and planning of why you want a group is where the time should be invested. Build a group for a purpose other than generating sales, communities don’t hard sell! Instead they offer advise, like and share each others content, your purpose of a community group is to build relationships which will lead to sales further down the process. Once you have a plan, build your group and invest time weekly in updating content, inviting members and engaging with your new connections.

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Stuart Baddiley

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