Our Favourite 6 LinkedIn Features You Might Have Missed In 2017

Our Favourite 6 LinkedIn Features You Might Have Missed In 2017

Most businesses use LinkedIn as a great lead generation tool to bring in new opportunities, new relationships and of course new leads. But did you notice the changes that LinkedIn made in 2017?

These updates might just change the way you use LinkedIn or might be a great addition to your toolkit. Here are 6 changes that happened in 2017: -

1) A New Homepage

The most obvious change came with the homepage; a new modern style was adapted with better navigation and a removal of those tools that weren’t over used.

LinkedIn also moved towards human editors and brand new algorithms meaning you’ll now see content that you are more likely to want to see. A new green circle to indicate if you are currently online or not was attached to your profile picture so other connections could reach out to you using the messaging chat.

The homepage update wasn’t just about giving you a better-looking product but was about increasing your customer experience.

2) Smart Replies

Just as your mobile phone predicts what you are writing about (often suggesting emoji’s) so will LinkedIn with its smart replies. These symbols or suggested words help speed up replying by allowing you to click instead of writing the word.

We would suggest that you use these in the right context, i.e. when the relationship has been established! We’re not sure that a ‘thumbs up’ to a contact you don’t really know would be appropriate just yet.

3) Increased Post Analytics

An update that was important was more analytics on your posts, after all you want to know how your content was received outside of the clicks, comments, likes and shares that most social media platform offers.

The new update allows you to see clicks from what type of industry, the job title of that viewer, where your audience is from and how the article was found. It also tells you what level of connection the reader was (1st, 2nd or 3rd).

For most these extra changes won’t matter but for others that write regular content they could be essential in tailoring the content to the right people.

4) Video

We know video marketing is important so it was good to see a change in LinkedIn regarding video. You can (using the mobile app) post a video or upload a pre-recorded video, which comes with audience insights to showcase how you are doing.

5) Messaging

If it works for Facebook then why not LinkedIn! Messaging with in the platform is available for those online. No more private messages needed instead use the messaging service and direct chat away.

There is an option to upload files and add images too, which can help speed up conversations between you and your connection.

6) New Blogging Interface

LinkedIn simplified the blogging interface (not that it was complex before) and dare we say it now has a Facebook feel to it. Replacing the need to use ‘Pulse’ you now can write your content from your profile.

Thinking about the new algorithms that we mentioned earlier, having your content linked closely to your profile means that the people you want to read it will have more chance with the changes that have come.

There were of course other changes in 2017 but these were our favorites. They allow for a better user experience and allow for a better opportunity in building up key relationships.


Are You Ready To Start?

LinkedIn is a major player in the social media world and you should always keep up with the latest updates. Taking your time to learn these will allow you to get better relationships, engagement and sales.  Use the tools in LinkedIn to build up a targeted audience of like-minded people you would like to connect with, then nurture the relationship over a period of time.

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