10 Top Instagram Video Tips

10 Top Instagram Video Tips

Instagram for business is nicely established now and those businesses that are proactive enough to be using it will already be looking at video as a way of getting more hits to their posts.

Posting videos is always highly encouraged but before you blindly post away, try using these 8 pointers and build video marketing that has been very well thought out (it could well be the difference between success and failure of your marketing).

1. Think About Your Game Plan

Always have a plan for any of the content you produce but especially video which can be time consuming and sometimes costly. Plan out the who, what, whys etc. to make sure that you are happy everything is covered and the video is right for the audience.

2. Know Your Video Goals

What is the end goal for your video? You can’t produce a video until you know what it’s supposed to do. Bring customers, bring sales, build brand, the list goes on (but each point will produce a completely different video).

3. Educate

Never underestimate the success a video has when you look to educate people and answer any challenges they may have. Education videos tend to show the solution which allows brand to be built or often leads to future customers clicking more posts on your timeline.

4. Relevant

The number 1 tip for Instagram is keep it relevant to your page. Posts and videos should always be something to do with your page as that’s why your followers are following you.

5. Topical

Jump onto topical trends as they tend to encourage more clicks. weather, seasonal items, sporting events all offer you the chance to create a video that is in the mindset of the reader.

6. Don’t Overthink It

Social videos don’t need to be super clever or over produced, more and more are filmed with camera phones using apps from the app store.

7. Build Teaser Videos Into Main Productions

If you do have longer videos or ones that you want to be seen on a better landing page etc. then build teaser videos that click through to the main videos. Bringing people to a professional looking page with all the relevant information on is better than trying to sell just by the video alone.

8. Show Off The Culture

People buy from people, so help persuade them by showing the people off behind the scenes. The customer is likely to remember you and your team and you’ll be first thought when they are ready to buy.

9. Build A Community

Nothing will enhance your products and services better than having a community of people subscribing, liking and sharing your content. Look to build a video series that builds an army of raving fans.

10. Build For The Purpose

Finally build your content with the end in mind. If the video is for Instagram stories then make a 15 second video, if its for a post then no more than a minute and so on.

Instagram is powerful for business and even more so when you add videos into your marketing. Videos offer a real and live way of displaying your message whether as a brand building or sales post.


Are You Ready To Start?

Videos are great ways of increasing your marketing returns and can be used time and time again across all your social platforms meaning a great ROI. Even if you have little skills, you should practice using your phones or cameras to try building a simple but planned out production.

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