Why Instagram Latest Update Is Great For Your Business

Why Instagram Latest Update Is Great For Your Business

We know that Instagram has been making serious progress over the last few years, mainly because it fits the need of today’s readers and with so many different platforms and so many different timelines it’s often nice (just like with a magazine) to flick through images over reading hours of text!

But the one continuous frustration for a business using Instagram is the lack of ‘post to webpage engagement’. As a business promoting your brand is nice, but selling your products is ultimately the reason for being there. 

So with no links available to move your customer from Instagram to your website you often find yourself losing sales.

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Well prepare to get excited as an update has now allowed you as a business to add links direct to your posts so that a customer can click your post directly to your product and this is all done through Shopify.

You can now add tags to posts that go directly to your online store. That means if you sell products (for example a t-shirt) your customers will be able to click the link and buy with relative ease. You may choose to use for services too, but you’ll need to sell your services via the Shopify shop which may or may not be cost effective for you.

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You already know that Instagram doesn’t allow links to be added to posts so this move is fantastic for the customer journey, it’s not allowing spam post by ‘joe public’ but connecting an online shop so that when you find something you want to check out you can.

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For those who love Pinterest this update might not be over exciting as with ‘rich pins’ or Facebook posts you’ve been able to do this for a while. However, with the success of Instagram (and with more and more switching to use Instagram over Facebook) the fact that a customer’s journey can be completed is frankly HUGE!

Instagram will allow you to add not just tag one product but multiple tags to your posts which redirect straight to your online store, speeding up the buyer’s journey and increasing the likelihood of a sale. You can also create galleries based purely on your #hashtag so an online collection is created which you guessed it links back when tagged to your online store!

And if that wasn’t enough, all the information is recorded in your Instagram analytics so you can evaluate what posts and products are working for you. It will come of no surprise but your new online shop works brilliantly with different screen sizes (mobiles, tablets etc.) so you will be seen in the very best light at all times!

With the update, just being released it will be a tactic you need to jump on and quick. Don’t wait for your competitors to beat you to it and cost you sales revenues.

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Are You Ready To Start?

Setting up an online shop isn’t as simple as clicking a few buttons, so be aware that it will take a few days to tweak until you are happy. The most important part is that your customers are happy and can easily go from post to sale in an easy way. Start by opening your shop using the links in the blog and then add your products one at a time making sure that all the relevant information is added.

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