Increasing Your Targeted Instagram Followers

Increasing Your Targeted Instagram Followers

There is no doubt that Instagram has increased massively over the years and with Instagram being owned by Facebook it really is time to get on-board. For those new to Instagram this is a social media platform that is based around photos and images which also make great use of the hashtag.

With the increase in active users overall across several platforms, Instagram really is a platform that you need to consider for your business, so below is a list of great ways to increase your followers: -

  • Monitor Key Hashtags

    Take your time to find ‘niches’ in your target market through searching out key hashtags. Hashtags will bring you key connections that are like-minded and are relevant to your ideal target market. Think about location, industry, keywords and phrases to name a few.

  • Follow The Followers Of Your Target Market

    If your looking for the ultimate target market, then look no further than your target market followers. Your target market is easy to find via a quick search but don’t just stop there, have a look at those following them too. You’re looking for like-minded people to follow and people following your ideal target will be a good place to start.

  • A Quick Google Search

    A quick and easy way to find accounts to follow is to search out your target business on a search engine search. Using the website of the companies should reveal social sites and so you’ll be able to follow and start engaging with them instantly.

  • Think About The Notifications

    On Instagram an account is notified when you like a photo, a good tactic is to like other accounts photos which will normally cause that account to open up your account to see who has liked them. If they like what they see they are more likely to follow you.

  • Run Competitions

    If you want to increase followers, then run a competition. Competitions increase engagement and are proven to increase the following rate. The better the prize the bigger the likelihood of increasing the followers.

There are of course many more ways but the five tactics above will certainly get you started. Make sure you spend time on creating a great Instagram account that people will want to follow!

Are You Ready To Start?

Instagram is a proven platform perfect for building brand and sales for any business. Images work better at conveying key messages so the audience doesn’t have to work so hard when scrolling their timelines.

Businesses can use Instagram not only to attract a different type of audience to other platforms but to showcase their business in the right light. Start today by posting images of your business and connecting with key contacts that are likely to buy from you.

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