Following Your Work Colleagues On Twitter

Following Your Work Colleagues On Twitter

Twitter is the perfect platform to bring together a like-minded community and none more so than your work mates. With the option to group them into a list, you can if you choose follow their every move on Twitter and again if you choose react to their tweets.

But be mindful of the business versus personal aspect that comes with following your work friends on any social site. Your work place will always form groups or relationships that could in the future leave you in a precarious position and often following work friends can lead to serious questions like “why haven’t you followed me back? Or why have you liked her post and not mine?”

We would always advocate social following but perhaps you should think hard about the ‘rules of the game’ in advance. Some businesses encourage Twitter following so that they can boost engagement and reach, by asking employees to where possible boost the post with a reaction.

Some businesses encourage employees to connect with the business on Twitter so they can protect the business reputation by reading personal tweets that could be about the business specifically or by getting a sense of bad morale for example.

Other businesses believe that your personal life should be just that and so don’t encourage social sharing. There is no real answer when there aren’t rules to the game. With rules it eradicates the emotion that can be caused, with rules everybody is singing from the same hymn sheet and so when someone doesn’t re-tweet the tweet or hasn’t yet connected with you, it becomes ok.

Remember you’re unlikely to legally force your employee to sign a war and piece document about online behavior whilst working with your company. But you may encourage them to represent you in the right way, especially with platforms that specifically mention they work for you or where fellow colleagues will see their content.

Here are a few rule suggestions to suggest to keep your office moral tip top: -

  • Don’t post conversations, screenshots or images of your colleagues without permission, remember that the Twitter timeline conversation could be continued in the office so treat each other with respect.
  • Don’t tweet about your negative feelings, you may have had a bad day or split up with a fellow colleague but leave them off your timeline to save bigger problems when you come into the office.
  • Never Twitter rant! If you have a real issue or challenge lets sit and talk about it in the right environment. Twitter ranting is likely to make the issue worst for all parties.
  • Accept it if a colleague doesn’t follow you back or doesn’t respond to your tweets, it could well not be anything personal.Avoid controversial topics like politics & religion! Your thoughts are your own but arguing with a colleague on Twitter will only bring it into the office the next day.
  • The list goes on but it’s asking them to protect your business and the morale by thinking about what they tweet and the reaction it could cause. It’s very easy to be negative after a hard day in the office but tweeting about it really won’t make it go away (more escalate it to another level).


Are You Ready To Start?

All platforms are available for colleagues to connect, often this causes issues out of a business control especially when one set of people go out together and didn’t invite you for example. Business workplaces are just that, you can’t force employees to all be best friends in and out of work but you can ask for sensitivity and understanding.

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