5 Top Ways To Create A ‘Raving Fan’ Email Database

5 Top Ways To Create A ‘Raving Fan’ Email Database

Businesses have always looked to increase their email database as a way of having a continuous marketing list but are the contacts in your list useful to you. It may be ‘impressive’ to see large amounts of contacts but if only a small percentage are responding then of what use are they to you?

Look to start working on those contacts that have shown an interest in your product and services and by working we mean personalizing the marketing to them. One to one emails over mass mailing, sending information that they have shown an interest in and adding to value to their lives and business is a great way to start.

For those not in the warm leads section create campaigns that might intrigue them and entice them into becoming that type of lead. You’ll need to be brave and realize that time spent on contacts that show little interest in your business is wasted time that you could have spent converting the warmer leads.

Databases deplete almost daily, so you need a plan in how to replenish the missing leads. Take the opportunity to find new leads, that will be warm to your database and increase the likelihood that they will buy from you in the near future.

Here are 5 top ways to find new contacts that are great for your email database: –

1. Create Value Campaigns

Creating great value through blogs, newsletters and e-books will add value to your potential customer’s business. This will allow you to gather information in exchange for the information and allow you to showcase your expertise via the download.

Another vital part here is that you can see what the customer requested and can make the assumption that they have an interest in that subject, which gives you a clear indication on what to market to them moving forward.

2. Run Competitions

Competitions are a good way of increasing databases through the taking of information to enter, you should take the opportunity to ask further questions that perhaps you couldn’t in a value campaign.

3. LinkedIn

Building up key relationships on LinkedIn can see you increase your own database, LinkedIn has a large amount of professional people who will be your perfect target audience. Send in-mails, write posts with links to sign up forms and use the LinkedIn groups to showcase your content that leads the customer back to key landing pages or website pages.

4. Social Media

Use Social Media platforms to reach large audiences and convert into leads. You can write interesting content that entices people into reading further or you can search out contacts that would be great for your business via the platforms search engine.  Remember to start with the end in mind so have the contact forms ready to be filled out and choose when best to use them.

5. Extend Your Customers Journey

Think about the customer’s journey and try to extend at every opportunity, for example you can have links to other blogs, web pages or e-books. Why would you write content for it only to be read once or be seen on one single day only?

If you take the time to think about your customer’s journey, then you can see the opportunities to insert call to actions and data capture forms.

Whatever tactics you choose to increase your database remember to only market to people who have asked to be there and only market information that they would be interested in.

Are You Ready To Start?

Create your email database plan today by moving key connections into a ‘personalised’ section of your chosen platform so that you can send focused and specific marketing to them. Plan to engage and nurture with the contact allowing you to better received as the recipient receives marketing that they actually want to receive.

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