Does Email Marketing Still Work?

Does Email Marketing Still Work?

Believe it or not Email Marketing is far from over, it is one of the few outbound methods that still can work, but only if you know how! Email marketing is about recognizing that your end user (the person you are sending to) actually wants the information you are sending them.

Many businesses have databases of 5000+, which on paper does look fantastic, but how many of these people are active users? You are in essence not marketing but instead just chancing your success! To market like this takes a lot of good fortune that the person just happens to open your email and responds accordingly.

To be successful in email marketing you should follow this very simple rule: -

Send the right information to the right people at the right time.

  • Sending the right information means only sending information that the user has specifically asked for which will increase the chances of that user reacting positively. 
  • Sending to the right person means only sending to users that have asked for you to send to them, forming a stronger relationship.
  • Sending at the right time means looking at your analytics to see when your best time to send is, making it the right time so they can read your content.

With the new GDPR rules coming in May2018, your database will be have to be active and permission based so you could just start to see better results albeit with a lot less contacts.

“You’ll need permission and to have proof

your contacts have double opted in”

With that in mind, honestly how much of your database remains?

Once you have filtered your database to fit the new GDPR laws here’s 5 key steps to email market to your connections: - 

Set The Purpose

What is the purpose of your email? What results are you hoping for? What would make this a good campaign? Ask yourself as many questions as you need to before writing your email. The clearer or more defined you can be in your mind the better chance the email will be successful.

Always Test Before Sending

Only send an email once you have tested – think about spelling, images, links, call to actions and of course mobile view versus computer view. Sending without testing will change the results.

Think About The Send

Only send at a time that works best for them. If that means building 7 day lists because people open better on each day then do it! Give your email the best chance by being useful to your user.

Test & Measure

Measure everything! Think about email titles, subjects, emoji’s or non-emoji’s, personalization, content, length, images, call to actions, sign offs. Literally test and measure everything in your email and make conscious decisions before sending again.

It’s In The Report

Collect the data from your emails and use in a report. Once you have sent your first few emails you’ll have raw data to judge against. If your open rates are low then consider that your audience in your database is wrong, if your click through rates are low then consider moving the call to actions and so on. With real data you can make real decisions and improve your marketing dramatically.

Are You Ready To Start?

If you’re like lots of businesses all over the world you’ll have a database that isn’t working for you. This will be from a lack of planning and the wrong type of contacts in your lists. Would you rather have 100 targeted and active connections or 10000 non-targeted and non-active contacts?

Databases should be of use to you and your business, often marketing fails because rather than personalize the email to the individual businesses send mass emails, which have little or no relevance and actually damage the brand.

Start today by thinking about why you want a database and who you would like in it. Think about how you will entertain that connection from start to finish.

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Stuart Baddiley

Stuart Baddiley

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There are 4 things you need to be successful online: an open-mind, a plan, consistency and a test & measure mindset! There are millions of potential customers out there that you just haven't met yet and online will certainly get you there. It's just the best journey!

So if you need help with Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, Foursquare, Flickr, Bitly, Blogging, Lead Generation, Website, Email, PPC, SEO, Reviews & Testimonials, Lead Pages (I'll stop here but you get the idea) then connect with me today below: - 

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