22 June 2021

Call To Actions On Your Blog

Writing a blog is a great way to delight your audience and build up the trust factor you’ll need to sell your products and services. Creating great content isn’t enough though as you’ll want to maximize your efforts by enticing your audience through a call to action.

Call to actions are what your audience click whether to receive an eBook from filling in their data or by clicking a link to another page that you have specifically set up in relation to the blog.

Adding a key to action will extend your customer's experience and increase the chances of you being able to move your customer to sale, either straight away or through a nurturing campaign.

To maximize your blogs why not try adding call to action links in these key places: -

1) Finish Off With Your Call To Action

If you don’t do anything else, make sure you have a call to action link at the end of your blog! If your reader has taken the time to read your content then extending their journey to another page or to a contact form is more probable here.

2) Follow Us On…. Button

Add social sharing links to your blogs, if they have enjoyed your content then they are likely to be happy to follow you on social media platforms for example.

3) Click To Tweet Link

This is an often forgotten about tactic, but make it easy for your customer to share your content by adding links such as the click to tweet option. Here with one click they can share the article and URL to their followers.

4) Subscribe Button

Allow your followers to subscribe to your blogs to help them having to search you out every time you blog. Subscribers will normally automatically receive an email every time you write a new blog, it’s a Win/Win all-round.

5) Comment Sections

Allow customers to leave comments, if your content is good enough why wouldn’t you want people leaving positive responses about it. Be sure to monitor the comments and reply in a professional and positive manner at all times.

6) Built In Links

A built in link will allow you to take keywords from the content and add a hyperlink to another page. When you have a collection of blogs it’s a great idea to ‘connect’ them using the built in links, that way if a customer wants to continue to read or has a specific need you’ll have it covered on other pages.

7) Sidebar Links

Finally, the sidebar, most blogs have this option because of the way that we read as humans. Sidebars attract attention and so as you read the content your drawn to side where you will have conveniently placed a call to action.

Blogs often fail because they lack call to actions to help customers extend their journey or fill in data forms etc. A blog should always be about the customer and being of use but if you really want to see revenues then start looking at call to actions.

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