22 June 2021

7 Must Do’s Before Posting Content

The continuous wheel of online marketing can be for some a daunting task, sending out great content only to see it not trend, having customers comment inappropriate or pointless remarks on your boosted posts or how about watching as a competitor takes your content and pretends its their own.

Any of these experiences or indeed other negative ones that you may have come across all start to make a business wary of marketing (especially online marketing). For a lot of businesses they don’t follow set rules or plans and so inevitably their marketing flops.

Attracting the right people at the right time with the right content can see a huge difference in not only your ROI but also the time saved dealing with those negative points raised earlier.

Listed below are 7 points to think about before you send out your content, take your time to think about this for your online marketing and you’ll be well on your way: -


Failing to plan is planning to fail, so make sure that you have a online marketing plan and a plan for each platform that you are using. Without a plan you won’t be accountable, won’t be able to achieve goals and overall won’t be successful online.


Part of planning is setting goals, how will you be able to measure the success or failure of your marketing if you don’t know why you are actually marketing. Set SMART goals and continuously tweak until you feel you have the right formula.


You’ll need to really plan out your online marketing to get the best results for your business. Think about whom you are targeting? Does that content attract them? Is it of use to them? What call to actions will you use? What makes it a successful campaign?


If you want to convert your marketing into sales then you’ll need to be posting content that is of interest and great value. Avoid posting content that has been seen before or is potentially wasting a customer’s time. Keep innovating with new ideas; try tweaking all aspects of your marketing with the aim of improving your customers experience with you.


You MUST learn from customer feedback and adjust experiences to meet their expectations, your business plan and of course cash flow. Customers will always push boundaries to try and change your business into how they want it rather than enjoying the experience that you originally set out to achieve.

Your marketing is no different, feed your customers with great value and consistent content and you’ll have a following of like-minded, targeted people. Don’t post content that doesn’t fit your target audience needs and make sure that you nurture and engage with your audience at all times.


NEVER send content that you have rushed or not thought through, you should also check it over time and time again. If you have a team member to proof read even better! And where possible add call to actions throughout your marketing, take your customer to other pages, data forms, competitions and sales pages.


Finally stop and review at the end of each campaign, this will allow you to see the success or failure of your content and be able to make calculated decisions. You’ll soon notice key patterns and be able to adapt them to bring more traction and a better ROI

 Use any of these points or better still all of them to improve your marketing by being aware of the potential pitfalls that could be ahead of you. Ignoring any stage will alter your results as you become less targeted, less accountable and less motivated.

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