5 YouTube Goals You Should Aim For When Vlogging

Creating a video is time consuming for a business but is a great way to showcase your brand. Posting a video is only the start, you should look at ways to improve your videos performance using the analytics available in YouTube manager to really focus on your YouTube Goals.

Videos aren’t like written content because you have the option to make tweaks based on the results on a daily basis if you wish as your video is continuously ‘Live.’ You can continuously improve your content but only when you know exactly what you are basing your success on.

Here Are 5 YouTube Goals You Should Aim For: –


(1) Increase The Views

Views are undoubtedly the measure of how good your video is, the more people that watch the video the more successful you have been in your reach. A large reach means that your video has reached more people and inevitably more chance of someone watching your video.


(2) Increase The Engagement

Reactions like subscribing, liking, commenting and sharing will increase as the view rate increases bringing more engagement and more opportunity to sell your products and services.


(3) Increase View Time

The longer your viewer watches your video the better your content is being received, use the analytics to see where your viewer is leaving your video. Place key call to actions through the videos (obviously before the average viewer leaves).


(4) Increase Click Through

Use YouTube cards to extend the journey of your customers by creating a clickable link or similar action for the viewer to react to. Links to other key pages like websites or other landing pages can encourage actions like sign ups and sales.


(5) Increase Subscribers

Subscribers show that your channel is being well received and that you are creating content that people want to watch. Other key benefits are that your new videos appear on the home screen of your subscribers and if active will automatically send emails to your subscribers with links to your videos too.

Are You Ready To Start?

Vlogging is great for building brand and encouraging click throughs to key web pages that could generate sales. Posting videos isn’t enough, you’ll need to also look at the key metrics to keep improving the content from the amount of views received to the length of time your videos are being watched. Use YouTube analytics to help you make informed decisions about how to improve your videos and making them really work for your business.

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Article Written By Stuart Baddiley Of Luv4 Marketing