7 Easy Ways To Boost Your Video Marketing

If your looking for business growth from your video marketing then start by looking at Video Marketing!

Video Marketing has huge benefits from SEO right through to customer relationships, engagement and brand building. The emphasis to find better ways to market has seen the rise from great content to images through to video, those businesses embracing video marketing see an uplift in new traffic and when the right type of video is created see better engagement and deeper loyalty.

Here are 7 ways to ensure your video marketing is working for your business: –


1  Add In The Keywords

Being found via search is essential for the reach part of your marketing and taking the time to enter the keywords on setup will be beneficial to you. You should have already found a purpose and an ideal target audience for your video so now its time to add in the keywords that match your video to the search terms of your potential viewer.


2  Call To Actions

Just like a blog, video too can have clickable call to action links and when combined with an onscreen request like “click here” or “click to subscribe” can get your videos working for you! Remember its up to the viewer if they wish to click and they can only do that if you put the link in the video in the first place.


3  Check Your Video Isn’t Just About Selling

Videos can and often are about selling products and services but those businesses that create videos for engagement will see longer term benefits. Tell stories, show the brand and look for high engagement over hard sell to create a following of raving fans.


4  The 5 Second Rule

You may wish to advertise your video in the future and videos have a must watch 5 seconds before the viewer can click away, so with that in mind optimise your video to grab the attention in that first 5 seconds and keep your viewer engaged.


5  Video Without Sound

Your video should be able to work without sound, this will help when posting on social media platforms and/or where sound isn’t an option. So whether your video is being watched at work or late at night you could still be seeing great results.


6  Don’t Forget The Thumbnail!

If you have created a great video don’t forget to select or create a thumbnail that is enticing to your viewer, too often businesses ignore the thumbnail which can cause non clicks from viewers not knowing what they could be watching.


7  Boost Your Videos On Social Media Platforms

Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn for example all have great advertising features that allow you to drill down your perfect audience, so you could be putting the right video in front of the right person at the right time. Perfect for boosting reach, views, impressions and link clicks.


Are You Ready To Start?

Video Marketing is great for businesses looking to find leads, customers and sales. Video Marketing does take time and in some cases revenue investment but this can all be justified in the returns. Your existing and potential audience are out there across a multitude of social media platforms, you just have to find them! and with a great video that is focused on the needs of your customer you could be boosting your business before you know it.

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Article Written By Stuart Baddiley Of Luv4 Marketing