Why A Twitter List Is Right For Your Business

The Twitter list have been available to Twitter users for a long time but only a few use them which could be an expensive mistake as lists help to keep focused by showcasing the tweets you want to see rather than a vast timeline of tweets you perhaps don’t.

We know that following people on Twitter means their tweets are added to your timeline and dependant on how selective you have been will give you a very focused timeline or like most a very unfocused and blurred overview.

You need to set aside lists accounts that you want to follow carefully and this is where Twitter Lists comes in. Whether you want to categorise for interests, customers, location and so on you can and more importantly you should. Creating lists allow you to click the appropriate list to showcase a targeted timeline of that category so it maybe a great networkers list which allows you to focus just on those great networkers. Now you can see the tweets clearly and precisely you’ll be able to spend time nurturing and engaging the relationship which means you just might make additional sales in your business.

Just to underline lists help to give you a place to keep important accounts you follow all in one place which improves the likelihood of seeing more tweets you might of missed previously, thats more opportunity to respond and an increased chance of winning key business.


Here’s how to create your Twitter List: –

To Create your Twitter List simply click the list icon from the dropdown when clicking your profile icon.

Twitter List












From here click ‘create a new list’ and fill in the details in the box provided. Remember your audience will see the list name so don’t label it anything negative or that will stop people from subscribing to the list.

Twitter List












Now visit your contacts and start adding them to the appropriate lists that you have set up, you can do this by clicking the ‘add to or remove from lists’ as show below.

Twitter List











Are You Ready To Start?

Start by deciding who your target audience is and create new lists for each of them dependant on your needs. If you want to see tweets from a certain location then set a list for that or how about key potential partners that your business could team up with. Lists work well in organising groups of accounts together so that you are able to concentrate on those key accounts that perhaps before may of been lost in the mass amounts of accounts you follow.

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Article Written By Stuart Baddiley Of Luv4 Marketing