Top 10 Essential Online Marketing Tips

Online marketing can be an absolute minefield and sadly what works for one business doesn’t always work for another! (even in the same industry). As professional people trying to make your business awesome, you should be testing and measuring your marketing and tweaking to create the ultimate marketing machine.

This could well be inbound or outbound methods, your marketing is successful when it starts working for you. NEVER stop learning and NEVER say you have the cracked the code, the world changes day by day and what worked last year might not be getting the results it once did.

Here are Luv4 Marketing’s top 10 essential online marketing tips to lead any business to success:-


In No Particular Order:-

1. Make Time To Understand Your Customers
The product or service is for your customers not for you, if you have designed a product or service that isn’t aimed at your potential customers then its going to be a long and hard journey ahead. Market research is essential in determining what it is your customers want and how you best serve their needs.  Once you have an idea of what the customer wants its time to tweak the customers journey and experience to maximise reputation and of course revenues too.

2. Create An A-Team!
The biggest and most productive way of marketing has always been word of mouth and that starts with the customer having the very best experience!  Taking time to create an awesome team will save you time and money in the long run, especially if your online offer has been planned out and is being executed by your team!  As customers start to interact with your business, you will start to see more and more people returning and recommending your business.

3. Write A Marketing Plan
First up, how will you know where you are going if you don’t have a plan, secondly planning out your marketing will bring you far better results then simply making it up as you go! Marketing plans can be as long as you think is needed but essentially you need to cover the normal who, what, when, how etc.  With the additional bonus of online marketing as well as more traditional outbound methods you will have a lot to think about and implement, but remember – you have to be in it, to win it!

4. Learn To Re-Use Content
Thousands of hours are lost in businesses as they invest time in creating brand new content without exhausted the original pieces.  Content should be treated like a campaign, you should be testing and measuring it, tweaking it, turning around, changing the header, the image all with the purpose of finding what is the best way to send content.  Every business is different so you’ll have to take the time to try different things.  Millions of people are online but how many actually looked at your piece of content (the answer could be very few) so with that in mind what would stop you re-sending it out and hoping that anyone who missed it the first time around was able to see it?

5. Titles & Images 
If you take the time to look at any news feed, Facebook timeline, blog, even your inbox to your email account you will be blown away with the amount of content available to you, but how much do you actually read?  The success of Instagram isn’t hard to understand especially when considering its nicer and easier to look at an image than it is to read all about it.  Year on year it is getting harder and harder to stand out, but with programs like Canva or PicMonkey you now can create professional posts and really start to get your brand standing out.

6. Learn From Others
“The more you learn the more you will earn” and in marketing this is definitely true! Take the time to analyse other marketing in your industry and of course other industries too, use this research to think about whether this is right for your business.  A warning though stay true to your voice and your values, your customers like you for who you are not who you become by being someone else!

7. Numbers Game
For those taking the time to use analyse the numbers in their marketing we applaud you, far too many people in business today run campaigns and then move onto the next one without really measuring the results. We guarantee that lost opportunity by not reading the numbers will of cost your business thousands if not more! Use analytics and insights to name a few to really hone in on your marketing, once you have noticed the patterns you’ll be able to create the ultimate marketing plan that works for you.

8. Think About SEO
Search Engine Optimisation is what will keep your marketing alive well after it is first published and by using the right KEYWORDS your articles, blogs and content will be easily found by those searching out information similar to your article.  To have great SEO think about the meta tags, titles, images, links and the keywords that you want to be found for, be careful though to write a great article first and foremost not just list words that will be found for SEO only!

9. Make It Readable!
Make all marketing professional means the reader has the best possible experience with you, think about space, images and sentence formation. Are there links to other pages? call to actions? does it work on a mobile? does it match your brand? Take the time to find a format that works for your business and repeat.

10. LOVE What You Do!
If you don’t enjoy writing the content then your reader (and potential customer) will certainly know! So only write content for your business if you really want to. For those who aren’t so keen there are many businesses or people willing to help, think of it as an investment not an expense!


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Top 10 Essential Online Marketing Tips Article Written By Stuart Baddiley Of Luv4 Marketing