7 Ways To Start A Blog & Attract New Customers To Your Business

Start A Blog Today To Find Warm Customers For Your Business

Blogging is always encouraged in online marketing due to great SEO benefits and increased customer engagement too.  Blogs allow a business a voice and an opportunity to talk to their customers better than most social media platforms and often offer real value to the reader.

These benefits (the free information) can help businesses to improve and so the reader forms a connection or starts a relationship with that company. Pro-active businesses and owners want to see their businesses improve and so by you supplying the right information you are ticking a very big box.

Blogging is a time-consuming activity but a rewarding one too, not only do you have the chance to showcase your business and the many products and services it offers but your writing content that will continue to be seen long after you send it.

When keywords are thought about in the planning process its not unusual to see higher success as your blogs often answer the question the reader was searching for in the first place. There is no doubt that adding a blog that answers your customers questions can bring you new traffic, new relationships and new sales.

Here are 7 things to think about when you want to start a blog in your business: – 


(1)  Create Your Purpose

Before you start think about why you are blogging in the first place, you’re going to need to create regular posts so think about who you are wanting to attract and what actions you would like this audience to do.


(2)  Think About Your Audience

Write content that has a purpose and is written with your target market in mind. Think about who your perfect audience is and what they need from your business, write content that delights your readers so they return time and time again.


(3)  Choose Your Platform

Ideally you’ll be able to add blogs to your website so that it’s easier for your customers to buy from you. However if you need to pick a separate blogging site then look towards WordPress, Blog.com, Blogger, Medium, Square-space or Tumblr to name a few.


(4)  Pick Your Content

Now that you have a purpose and a targeted audience in mind, plus you have a platform to host your content you’re now ready to start a blog.  Pick content that is of interest to your audience, add value to your reader and look to build key relationships with your potential customer.


(5)  Write Your Blog

Write your blog by thinking like your reader, is it easy to read? is it of interest? does it add value? research other blogs and see why they are successful. Write content that is written with your target audience in mind, avoid writing blogs that don’t have an end goal.


(6)  Review

Before you publish your blog make sure you review it, if possible have another team member review it for you. Only send out blogs that you are 100% happy with helping to protect your businesses reputation.


(7)  Test & Measure

Finally as with any marketing you must test and measure to allow you to build up a real picture about your audience and the way they are reacting to your marketing. Use analytics to review KPI’s or key call to actions you have used.


Are Your Ready To Start?

Blogging in your business is a great way to attract new customers and when well thought out and structured can bring in new leads and new opportunities. Write blogs that serve a purpose and work for your business whilst adding value to your customers.

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Article Written By Stuart Baddiley Of Luv4 Marketing