Selfie Decks & How To Use In Your Business

Believe it or not Selfie Decks aren’t a new invention but are certainly something you should think about in your business.

The chance to join highly active communities where you are guaranteed to have your content liked and re-tweeted (it’s part of the deal of joining) should not be bypassed lightly.  Selfie decks belong on Twitter and can be a great way to really get your account rocking!

Just like Selfie Decks on Twitter there are other platform communities to seek out and get involved with. Instagram have ‘Pods’ and bloggers use ‘Triberr’ for example, all of which share the same common goal – To like and share each others content to their followers.

For business this is an incredible opportunity to make use of your time by creating great content and working with your community to see it boosted for free across that particular platform.

You’ll have worked it out already that not only will sharing your content be great for reach and impression BUT it will also be great for SEO or algorithm influence too. People buy from people so having your content endorsed and shared by the masses will only bring more traffic and more opportunities your way.


Using In Your Business

There is a small issue in that the only way into a Selfie Deck is via an invite and common thought is that you’re going to need to be active on Twitter to be found in the first place. Whilst you are waiting for an invite it is a good idea to start your own, after all the principles and theories are easy to follow:-

  1. Create A Private List (invites only)
  2. Send People To A Landing Page/ Web Page Explaining The Rules
  3. Add If They Agree
  4. Spend Time Daily Liking & Re-Tweeting Their Content
  5. Continue To Grow

There are of course many advantages to this from building great connections to boosting your posts organically, but don’t forget this could be time consuming especially if your group grows well.

You’ll be best to test and measure your own groups over a period of time, if for example your reach, impressions and click throughs have dramatically increased then with some simple conversion tools you could actually be making some good revenues. If however nothing much happens then you’ll have the data to try other tactics instead.


Are You Ready To Start?

Plan your Selfie Deck before you start inviting people into it! You’ll already know a few candidates that you could ask to test the idea with but even with these contacts you’ll need to have created the process in advance. The key is the rules of the game, you need to make it very clear that to remain in the group you need to be liking and sharing the content of other users within the group.

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Article Written By Stuart Baddiley Of Luv4 Marketing