7 Key Ways You Should Be Optimising Your Videos On YouTube

Optimising your videos will ensure that your videos are working hard for your business, unlike most content; videos continue to work for you long after they were first produced.

Optimising your videos starts when you first upload your videos into YouTube with the setup page. Here you have the opportunity to fill in key details whilst the video is uploading, this is a simple process that takes a few minutes. However, you should always look to test and measure the analytics of your videos and make changes where needed further down the line.

Here Are 7 key Areas For Optimising Your Videos: –


The Main Title

Optimising your title is vital in helping your video to be found, taking the time to think about what your audience will enter as a search term and matching that up could be the difference between a good video and a great one.

Video titles also attract new viewers that stumble across your video, so try and make your title appealing to your audience.


The Description Section

Keywords and SEO continue in the description too, again you’ll need to think about your audience and what their likely search will be. Matching up keywords and sentences will help your videos to be found.

Take the opportunity to add key information and other platform links into the description so the viewer can continue their journey.


Add Key Tags

Use the tags to let your viewer know what the video is about, don’t go overboard and only add tags that are relevant to your video. Be warned that Google could penalise your video for having non relevant tags.


Categorise Your Videos

Categories aren’t often used as its away from the main screen in advanced settings. Categorising helps group your video with similar videos and so increases the chances of your video being found when searches are made.


Don’t Forget The Thumbnail

The thumbnail is the first thing to be seen and can often be the reason why people click to watch your videos or not. Take your time to create thumbnails that are appealing and relevant to your video. Try adding text and changing colours to get better results.


Switch On The Subtitles

Not only are subtitles great for those who need the service but they contain keywords that will help your video rank too. Test and measure subtitles to see if your view time increases which has to be a key KPI for your business.


Add In The Cards

Cards are clickable links added to your videos, these call to actions are added at key times in your video to entice your viewer to react, for example clicking to a webpage or subscribing to your YouTube channel. Cards are essential to keep your customers journey alive and stop them leaving the video without the opportunity of seeing more of your business.


Are You Ready To Start?

To get the best ROI on your video marketing look to optimising your videos with regular testing and measuring. This will ensure that your videos have the best chance of being found and watched. Look at all the 7 key points to make sure that your videos are working well for your business and delighted your viewers.

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Article Written By Stuart Baddiley Of Luv4 Marketing