5 Essential May 2017 Learnings For Online Marketing

Online Marketing Changes You Should Implement In Your Business!

We may be only a few days into May but a quick review of the year so far has underlined some really interesting key online marketing strategies that you too should look to in your business. The trend is still towards an inbound method where leads are generated through your content over the hard sell that normally comes from outbound methods.

What is clear is that if your serious about your business then you need to market your business online. Those choosing to ignore online marketing will be handing their potential customers to their competitors who have the foresight to realise that their ideal customer is ready to be marketed to.

Listed below are the 5 key areas you should look to improve or be aware of as you market your business in 2017: –


(1) – Insights, Analytics, Reviews

Never before has it been so important to test and measure using the tools each platform gives you right now.  From Insights to Analytics, these key numbers allow you to understand your marketing and your investment so you can make better decisions for your business.


(2) – Personalised Marketing

Outbound and mass marketing is (if not already) on its way out. Your customers want to receive content that has value to them. You can’t add value by sending out one message to a mass amount of people! Instead learn to send the right information to the right people at the right time! The more personal the marketing the higher the chance of sale conversion.


(3) – Mobile Is The Key!

The mobile world continues to grow especially with social media in mind. Mobile is the key cog to where your content is likely to be picked up and responded to. With that in mind make sure all content is website enabled and all marketing is geared towards delighting your customer.


(4) – PPC, SEO Will Change

Inevitably if consumer habits change, so will SEO. Marketing your business through 3rd Party apps for example will give power to them instead of you, changing your positions and rankings.

To add to that if more businesses use online advertising then PPC will also evolve to the consumer needs. Learn about online marketing and be ready to change as the platform does.

One of Google’s most important services ‘Adwords’ will have seen a downturn as more and more businesses turn to platforms offering online marketing (like Facebook for example). Be ready for Google to fight back in both SEO and PPC by giving better terms or prices.


(5) – Your Online Budgets Will Rise

More and more businesses are marketing their businesses online which means keywords have more competition. With more competition you’ll need to increase your budget to win the bids and ensure that your adverts are delivering.


Are You Ready To Start?

Online Marketing is essential for your business and adding in the 5 points listed above will help you future proof going forward. Testing and Measuring, Personalising and being alert about key changes especially around SEO, PPC will save you time and money whilst increasing your business leads and revenues.

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Article Written By Stuart Baddiley Of Luv4 Marketing