Become An Online Marketing Rockstar!

Becoming an Online Marketing Sensation is something that most people will only ever dream of, but the fact your reading this blog could mean you have the inbuilt desire to push yourself either into stardom or at least have a great online presence.  To be an online rockstar your going to need to put in the effort, no excuses! and you MUST see creating content as a key part of your marketing plan.

Content creation is a sure fired way for your business to be seen, content can be used time and time again and split out across all your platforms which increases the reach and increases the opportunity of a potential sale.

Most businesses like the idea of posting, tweeting, blogging etc. but reality is that if they don’t make a BIG sale in the first few weeks then their motivation wavers and they revert back to old school networking and start sending emails to people who don’t even want them! Online Marketing is a long-term investment not a short-term fix, you’ll need to invest time into your marketing, using a test and measure along the way.


So here are some simple steps to becoming an ‘Online Marketing Rockstar’:-


Make Time!

Make time in your diary to create content for your online marketing, creating content that will represent your brand, your values and sell your business in the right light.  As well as content there is titles, images, SEO and call to actions to name a few that need to be considered, Remember this content could be seen all around the world so making time to perfect your content is time well spent.


Make A Plan

Sounds obvious but many businesses don’t have a plan, which means they are running their businesses with no direction. Start with the end in mind, that way your plan is stepping stones to get you where you want to be. If you want to create the ultimate database full of like minded people – not a problem, simply work the steps back from start to finish until you have the ultimate plan of how to do this.


Review, Review & Review

So you’ve made some time and you have a plan, now be in the 1% club and actually take the time to REVIEW YOUR RESULTS!. If it’s Facebook look for insights, Twitter it’s twitter analytics, email it’s results and so on.  Learn from everything you can – time of day, content, topic, image until you have content being delivered and loved by your new found fans.



Your accounts have to represent you in the right light, if your a plumber then be a plumber, if your a business coach then be a business coach. People are interested in you for your industry & skill set so posting about something irrelevant could be off putting to the reader.  Think about how your account looks, so leave the personal pages out of the business pages and don’t ever stop posting content, abandoned accounts leave the impression that you’ve closed your business for good.


Cross Sell

Make it easy for your customers to buy! All online platforms, websites, emails etc. must have the opportunity to take your customer on a further journey, after all you will at some point want your customer to buy from you – right?  Web-links, landing pages, forms are just a few of the things you could use to lengthen your customers journey.  Also take the opportunity to promote other platforms on each platform, so a post on Facebook about following us on Instagram and the benefits of doing so, this could increase your followers and better still with targeted followers who are important to your brand.


Don’t Sell, Solve Problems

The main reason your email probably fails is that all you do is sell! and the same will go for social.  You can and should as part of a plan sell your services from time to time, after all your awesome at what you do and you want people to be awesome too with a little help from you.  But selling constantly will see users switch off and unsubscribe meaning your killing your future opportunities.  Marketing works best when you solve an emotional problem with free advice then nurture your customer into a sale later down the line.


Grow Your Accounts

Once you are posting on a consistent basis you’ll want an audience to post to, a plan must be to increase your followers. Increase your followers with a targeted audience rather than a mass audience, those contacts that share common interests or are like-minded will be beneficial not only to your business but in helping you create an awesome brand that others will want to follow.


Showcase Your Brilliance

Find people that you want to work alongside and form key relationships by re-tweeting, mentioning, liking, sharing etc. the posts of these people.  To be a rockstar you need to be a thought leader in that people look to you for inspiration, so by forming relationships with similar people you will be able to influence their followers to follow you and start to push you up the social ladder.  Think offline too, radio shows, networking, podcasts the list is endless you are after all backed up with some seriously good online presence.


Don’t Forget Email

When an email is right it is well ….. right! and to achieve the ultimate email database there is one very simple rule – The Person Receiving The Email Needs To Have Asked To Received It!  Try it yourself open up your email account and see which emails you click delete without even opening and those that you keep and read. Emails we never asked for use our time to deal with it, which caused negative vibes.  When we actual consent for the email to be sent to us we read it, look forward to it maybe and are more likely to stay in a long lasting relationship with that company so that when we are ready to buy we do.


Just Be There

Ignoring Online Marketing in your business means you’re missing out on potential customers, social sites tend to host millions of customers who when marketed right can easily become followers and fans. If you ignore online marketing or you think it’s not for your business then you’ll be handed customers to your competitors. Start with the main platforms, use the content across all of them, test and measure and increase your presence as time allows. BE SEEN ONLINE!


So Are You Ready To Start?

Becoming an Online Marketing Rockstar is about believing in Online Marketing and yourself enough to invest time in creating great content that your audience wants to receive. Creating a raving fan base will not only improve your online presence but will also open up your business to more leads and opportunities which you could convert to sales. So start today by creating a plan that will get your business and brand rocking!

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Article Written By Stuart Baddiley Of Luv4 Marketing