The Essential Online Marketing Mindset

Online marketing can often be deemed to be not important enough because of the time and skills it needs to be successful. Not all businesses can afford to have content writers, copywriters and marketing managers in their team so often will need to market their business themselves and having a online marketing mindset certainly helps!

Online marketing isn’t a simple task but it helps if you have the right mindset and daily habits. This helps to focus your mind on the important tasks that will make you a great online marketeer. Having these skills cover most of the platforms and systems that you will use and subconsciously allow you to create content that has a head start.

An Online Marketing Mindset Will Include: –


Improving Web Design

You don’t have to be a web designer or do you need a code degree, just the ability to analyse pages through test and measure to see what works and what doesn’t. Thinking like your customer and mapping out the potential customer journey will bring additional business.


Understanding The Power Of Call To Actions

Creating opportunities, leads, customers and sales is some of the reasons why you market your business. With that in mind your content will need to include call to actions to allow your customers journey to continue.


Knowing The Power Of SEO

SEO brings traffic to your business via key landing pages, if you plan to have good SEO in your pages and content then you’ll be making it easier to be found. Another key factor is unlike an email for example your content will continue to be found time and time again meaning a better ROI.


Knowing All Social Media Platforms

Without doubt social media is essential for marketing businesses, but which platforms will work best for each client? Customers can be found on certain platforms or a multitude of platforms, so you’ll need to write a plan to find and convert depending on your goals.


Be Aware Of Copyrighting Laws

With so much content being written you’ll need to think about protecting the business by not copying content, videos, music and images (unless you’ve gained permission).  With that in mind you’ll need to use platforms and programs like Canva, Adobe Spark and Photoshop to name a few.


Be Advanced In Online Advertising

Advertising and boosting content will help to increase impressions, reach, click throughs etc. so being well skilled in all advertising for all platforms is a must. Why spend hours creating great content and not let the masses see it?


Live For Analytics

Test and measure is essential in everything you do, without reviewing your campaigns you can’t make confident decisions about the adverts or about future advertising. Tweak campaigns by regularly reviewing until you have find the perfect balance.


Are You Ready To Start?

Having an online marketing mindset will help you create awesome content time and time again. The more time you invest in learning the skills you need, the quicker each job becomes moving forward. Take your time to map out where you and your marketing is and where you need it to be, investment in skills will ultimately save you time and money in the long term.

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Article Written By Stuart Baddiley Of Luv4 Marketing