8 Easy Ways To Market Your Business In 2017

Every business wants to have a continuous stream of customers wanting their product and services but for some they have to work harder than others. The truth is that the amount of customers visiting your business isn’t only down to the way you market your business but also includes desire, pricing and value too.

Marketing your business helps to increase the awareness of the offer and so you should always have a plan to market your business all year round adapting to trends that you have noticed in your analytics. The type of marketing you should do is purely down to what has been successful for you, but you’ll need to be honest with yourself about the results if you’re going to be successful in the future.

In some cases new skills will need to be learnt and in others you may market in ways that you haven’t tried before but the most important aspect is to be focused on the end goal – The Customer!  Your customers are all around you and you’ll need to use different ways to attract them.

Here are 8 ways to find your customers when you are ready to market your business: –


Social Media

Billions of people use social media on a daily basis so make sure your marketing plan includes using social platforms to find, nurture and delight potential customers.


Content Marketing

Creating and sharing content that is of value to your potential customers will win you likes, shares, follows and business. Think about the audience you are trying to attract and create content that is perfect for them!



Competition and algorithms prevent content from doing more than you’d hope for, instead join the pay to play game and help boost your content further by investing in advertising on that platform.



Think about SEO with everything you create online, if your content or webpages are easily found then your increasing the chances of sales from customers who have found you.


Word Of Mouth

Nothing builds business quicker than word of mouth, it takes away the risk of buying the product and service as its come via a recommendation. Look to your customers to spread the word and share those comments, videos and audios across all your marketing.



Email when implemented correctly is still an important way to market. Look to filter out your serious leads and market to them personally with content they want to receive.


Direct Mail

With post cost rising its easy to see why businesses send less direct mail, if you have serious prospects in your pipeline then it could be time to invest in sending personalised direct mail. With less and less mail your marketing will have a higher chance of being well received.



People still buy from people so don’t forget to spend time networking too, being prepped with contact details and business information could find you instant sales.


Are You Ready To Start?

Customers come from a variety of sources and so your plan should include marketing across a variety of lead funnels. You’ll be able to test and measure to see which are more important and of which have created you the very best quality of lead. Your marketing to create opportunity so just as important as creating the leads is following them up to convert, without converting you’ll have no sales and so will be negative about marketing in general. Any of the 8 tips listed above will help your marketing, try each one with test and measure to see how best your potential customers respond.

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Article Written By Stuart Baddiley Of Luv4 Marketing