Start Using Influencer Marketing In Your Business

Online Marketing can be difficult as more and more businesses send out content to your target audience, it could be time to give Influencer Marketing a try.

Influencer Marketing is finding the influential people or brands that are already attracting your perfect target audience and working with them to help promote your product and services. These influencers usually boast a sizeable following and more importantly an engaged following that responds to their content (perfect for getting a higher reach and better response on your marketing).

You’ll need to first find the influencers, build up key relationships and finally find a ‘deal’ that works for both parties. The benefits are obviously huge should this tactic work for you, from building up a quick and easy following of the right people all the way through to sales.

Listed below are 6 great ways to use influencer marketing in your business:


1 – Pay Them To Share

Influencers are walking advertising opportunities but with the added benefit that they should have a very targeted following. This perfect target audience that you want to attract is already highly engaged with this person or brand so having the influencer share your content will be a good way to showcase your products or services.


2 – Hire Them Part Or Full Time

One off payments could be costly especially if you see the benefits of the influencer, so look to hire them instead. Influencers are usually open to deals and can often be promoting various brands within a set industry. Strike a deal that works for your business, finances and sales opportunities.


3 – Reward Them For Set KPIs

Another way to bring a good ROI is to set rewards based on KPIs. In this scenario the fee is usually higher than a one off payment but is beneficial to both parties. It might be judged against traffic, clicks or even sales. Work with realistic goals to keep each other motivated.


4 – Incentivise For Product Reviews

Product reviews can be a powerful way to build trust and increase sales so look to work up a plan about having your product reviewed. Incentives (usually money) will help keep the review positive and help to be top of mind for the influencer.


5 – Run Promotions Together

Using the influencer in your marketing can also be a good way to increase reach and engagement. Run competitions where the benefit for the influencer is that they receive more traffic for example from the competition or that you share data capture entries.


6 – Collaborate With Showcasing Each Others Content

Writing blogs, posts, tweets, pins for example is part of your daily task list but what if you could place them on other webpages or social sites?  Even more powerful is sharing them on influencers pages. Work on building a relationship where they are happy to allow you to add your content to theirs.


Are You Ready To Start?

If you understand the benefits (which you definitely should) of Influencer Marketing then your first point is to recognise your target audience. You’ll need to know who you want to attract so you can find the industry leaders in that field to approach. Once found, build up key relationships and move onto business, working up a plan that benefits you both especially around reach and sales.

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Article Written By Stuart Baddiley Of Luv4 Marketing