8 Point Checklist For Improving Your Online Marketing

Improving Your Online Marketing Can Fall Into Many Categories…

Are you looking to improve your content? your followers? your leads? or is it that your original online marketing plan isn’t working or has become outdated? Improving your online marketing starts by understanding where you are right now and making plans to move forward with.

Businesses often stop using online marketing believing that it’s not right for their business but often its more a case of they haven’t used online marketing correctly which means they have stopped for all the wrong reasons.

Online Marketing is essential for every business, it only takes just one of your competitors to embrace it and you’ll be handing customers to them. Billions of people use social media and with the right plan you could be enticing them through to your business and making revenues you’ve only ever dreamt of!

Here Is 8 Points To Consider In Improving Your Online Marketing: –


(1) Plan

To improve your online marketing you need a plan, without a plan you’re marketing without real purpose, stop and understand exactly why you want to use online marketing and who you want to market to.


(2) Research

You also need to understand whats around you, from customers to location. Learn all about your customers, habits, locations, age and events in the area to see how you can tweak your marketing to be apart of that.


(3) Technology

Be aware of the technology available to you! What platforms, e-commerce systems, add on companies, pop up pages and landing page for example could you use in your marketing to enhance the customers experience?


(4) Content

Create content that your audience wants to read! Mass content might be read but content that has been written for a purpose is far more personalised and often sees better results. Great content is a great step towards improving your online marketing.


(5) Paid Media

If you have spent time developing great content then why not invest in increasing its reach? the more people that read the content the bigger the chance of increasing the call to action clicks which usually bring data capture or sales.


(6) Engagement

Social media is all about engagement so take the time to ask questions and respond to your customer. Being ‘live’ and ‘real’ will allow relationships to be formed and business won easier.


(7) Risk Assessment

Before you send out any material do your due diligence on it. Assess what you expect to happen with the post in the best and worst scenario and if your still happy, send away.


(8) Test & Measure

Finally always test and measure! Know what posts you send are successful and those that are not, that way you can spend the right time creating the right content.


Are You Ready To Start?

Improving your strategy and plan should be a continuous part of your time when marketing your business online. Those businesses that embrace online marketing and look to keep evolving and improving will inevitably out perform those that don’t invest.

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Article Written By Stuart Baddiley Of Luv4 Marketing