Facebook Reactions Now Available In Comments Not Just Posts!

It’s been a while now since Facebook released Facebook Reactions ….

Facebook Reactions was something that was needed to allow the viewer the chance to respond in an appropriate way. Liking a post that was bad or sad news wasn’t the most comfortable thing to do but at the time was the only option.

So the Great News is that Facebook has extended the Facebook Reactions from not just posts but onto comments too. You can now respond to individual comments just like the posts by selecting the ‘like, love, ha ha, sad and angry’ icons.


Facebook Reactions

Social media is all about engagement and Facebook in particular recognises the need to continuously improve the customers experience. Facebook has learnt over the years that to engage you need tools and have supplied these in abundance from images, videos, GIFs and messenger right through to the reactions as shown above.


What Does This Mean For Business?

For businesses using Facebook it won’t be too different, your customers have been able to react to your posts using any of the positive or negative reactions for a while now. In most cases businesses will have still received the humble like (unless you have posted something that has caused real negativity).

The major difference here will be with your responses, if for example you responded to a customer comment and it wasn’t well received then anyone reading the conversation can add fuel to the fire by clicking the reactions (almost highlighting the chat). Top businesses will respond to comments but only in a positive and professional manner, this would of course avoid the negative reactions.

You should embrace reactions because when you get your social media marketing right. your fans will react and help to highlight the post. The subconscious rarely sees a smile or a love symbol and feels sad, the more positivity around your post the more your brand will thrive.

Are You Ready To Start?

Embrace engagement in social media and this should include Facebook Reactions. Think about your posts before you send out to risk assess what you expect to happen. Any negative posts like cancelling an event or highlighting faults in your business are likely to bring negative responses, just as positive posts will bring positive reaction. Work into your plan ways of engaging with your customers that would encourage a like or a love reaction to be clicked.

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Article Written By Stuart Baddiley Of Luv4 Marketing