5 Simple Ways Of Getting The Most Out Of Your Facebook Posts

Facebook Posts can be a great way for businesses to engage and delight their audience, but for those businesses that struggle on Facebook it can be seen as time consuming and often a frustrating time. If your business is struggling then it may be time to go back to basics! You might not have won business, made any sales and struggle to write content on a regular basis but this could all change with a few simple changes. For most businesses its the purpose that is actually stopping their success.

Businesses often join Facebook to win new leads and bring in more sales but then create content that isn’t geared towards their objective. So the content doesn’t match the reason they use the platform.So before you change your tactics or ramp up your Facebook marketing you must answer the following question: –

What Does Success Look Like When Using Social Media In My Business?

Do you want more followers? more interaction? more engagement? more sales? you simply can’t be successful on social media without first planning out your marketing and creating content that is purposely for your goal. If you want more followers then you wouldn’t create selling posts, if you want more sales you wouldn’t product competition posts and so on.

Once you have decided why you use social media and what type of posts you’ll create to delight your audience against what your plan is then you can return to marketing, below is 5 of the easiest and most simple ways (whilst being highly effective) to use when posting your posts.


5 Basic Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Facebook Posts!


(1) Send At The Right Time!

Your Facebook post takes time to create and so its essential that you send them at the right time to maximise their time in front of your audience. You’ll need to test and measure the results to really understand what posts have been successful on what days and what time. Build yourself a system to record successful campaigns then repeat the process until you have drilled down to the perfect answers!


(2) Make Your Post Stand Out

Timelines are busy places so you’ll need your content to stand out. Turn to images and videos that have a relevance to the post that you have created, add call to action links to extend your customers journey via websites or other webpages.


(3) Be Engaging

When you sell, sell, sell in your posts then unless you have something incredible to sell you’ll see little actions being taken from the viewer. Instead turn to engagement as the primary reason to post content, use competitions and contests to form reactions, ask questions and be alive and real in your marketing.


(4) Boost What You Can

If you have the resources then boost your posts, the more people that see the posts the more opportunities will arise (more followers, link clicks or potential sales for example). Facebook algorithms don’t favour business pages so you’ll need to invest resources into your posts and make the time you have spent creating them worthwhile.


(5) Use Your Insights

Finally look at your results, this can help you create the kind of content that your audience wants to read and saves you investing in the wrong areas. Find your successes and duplicate time and time again.

Are You Ready To Start?

Find what success looks like in your business when you use social media in your business! Without that purpose you’ll lose track of what you are creating and why you are creating, instead know what you are creating and be focused on the end goal that you set at the start. Use the 5 basic ways to get the most out of your Facebook posts to get yourself back on track and posting good consistent content that will delight your audience and hopefully turn positive relationships into sales.

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Article Written By Stuart Baddiley Of Luv4 Marketing