7 Tips For An Engaging Facebook Business Page

For most businesses you’ll have set up a Facebook Business Page and be ready to communicate with your audience. But it’s the next step that often stops businesses from having success – ‘that being posting’.

Posting on a Facebook Business Page can be disheartening due to the way that Facebook has fixed the algorithms to not be open like in a personal page. Often posts flop with views lower than 10% of your following which discourages businesses from continuing with Facebook. The truth is that unless you post fantastic content you’ll have to pay to play with the advertising features.

There is however one way of seeing better results and that’s through engagement. If you are able to get more engagement in your posts then your content will have a higher reach as the likes, comments and shares from the reactions of your audience will automatically increase the performance.

To increase the engagement of your Facebook Business Page why not try these tactics: –


Make A Business Page, Well…. A Business Page

Don’t confuse a personal page and a business page as they are very different from each other and have different tools.

A business page is setup to help your business with key tools and functions needed for search and for customer experience, business pages do have a lower organic reach so you’ll need to work hard to build your page using great content and advertising features.

An engaging Facebook Business Page starts right here with your banner, logo, about section and posts. Use Facebook to talk to your audience not be another website!


Jazz Up The Profile Picture

With busy timelines you’ll need to make a profile picture that is easily recognised, think about your brand and colours to see if you can make something that stands out to your audience and will make them stop to see what you have posted.

(Work on 170 x 170 pixels for a desktop & 128 x 128 Pixels on a smartphone)


Set The Message In The Cover Banner

Just as important as the profile picture is the banner, your audience should get what your business is all about on their first visit. Banners allow you to build brand, add a message, sell the benefits of your products and services. Decide what your page is about and match up the banner and the content to create consistency for your audience.

(Work 820 x 312 pixels for a desktop, 640 x 360 pixels for a smartphone)


Read All About It ….

To see your content return the best ROI you’ll need to add call to action buttons. These clickable links allow a customer to continue their journey via action buttons placed strategically around the content you have created. Call to action buttons serve a real purpose so once clicked would go to more content, webpages or data capture forms for example.


Tell Your Audience All About You

The about section is a good place to fill in important information, further links and company milestones. Your visitors often visit the about section for more information, so this is your chance to influence where they will go next.


Post, Post & Post Again

When you are clear on the purpose of your Facebook Business Page you should post consistently and often. Facebook algorithms stop your posts being seen by everyone who follows you so either you’ll need to boost your posts or post often enough to encourage those who do see your posts to like, share and help further your reach.


Think About The Time Of Your Posts

Great content should be delivered at the right time otherwise it could be lost on busy timelines. Think about your audience’s habits and when they are likely to be looking at their timelines so that your post will be seen.  Use the insights to gain key information then test and measure until you have the best formula.


Are You Ready To Start?

Use your Facebook Business Page to build up key relationships with a targeted audience nurturing them into using your products and services. Use the page to increase engagement and bring a ‘voice’ to your brand. Posting regularly with purpose and meaning will build you a following of raving fans who are more likely to click links, respond, promote your business and buy from you.

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Article Written By Stuart Baddiley Of Luv4 Marketing