10 Reasons Why Your Facebook Adverts Aren’t Working

Using Facebook Adverts is undoubtedly a great way to market your business with its fantastic ability to really drill down into your target market.

Facebook adverts are essential in every online marketing plan, they offer a great ROI for any business and when used correctly can really move the business numbers like no other platform.

Businesses can however struggle to make the adverts work, not only through lack of skills or time for example but because the adverts don’t always go to plan. There are many factors that can stop an advert from performing (even one that worked so well last time could fail!).

Hiring help is advised to return you the very best ROI, but if you want to or have already started advertising with Facebook then you’ll need to consider the list below.


Here Are 10 Factors Why Your Facebook Adverts Might Not Be Working: –


1   Your Targeting The Wrong Audience Type

You’ll need to make sure that the product or service that you are promoting matches the need of your audience. It may sound obvious but so many businesses skip through the original setup of an advert and try and sell the wrong thing to the wrong audience.


2   Your Targeting The Wrong Audience Location

Just as important as selling the right product and service is marketing in the right location. Firstly do you have the location? Birmingham for example can be found in the UK and in the USA so be sure you have the right one. Next up is to consider targeting locations within locations, does that city, town or village have the people that will want to buy from you?


3   Your Relevance Score Is Low

Just like in SEO your adverts will be more successful if they are relevant to the search term and that the landing page matches too. So if you use a title in your advert be sure to duplicate it on your landing pages (the more similarities in your advert and your landing page the better).


4   Your Landing Page Isn’t Working

You’ll have a reason to be advertising from data capture through to sales but if you aren’t having success look at your click throughs and see if the landing page is converting. It could be that its too long, too short, not clear enough or your call to actions in the wrong places and so on.


5   Your Call To Actions Aren’t Working For Your Business

Call to actions are actions you want your audience to do, whether filing in a data capture form for future marketing or clicking a link to a product page for example. These actions are usually embedded or have links, you’ll need to try changing the style, size or location throughout the page to see if it improves your conversions.


6  You Didn’t Run A/B Testing

Without testing different pages or different areas within your advert you’ll only have one chance when you market. Instead run A/B tests on your adverts so that you know which ones work for your business and after a short period switch off the adverts that aren’t working leaving you with a strong winning advert that works!


7  Your Heading Isn’t Unique Enough

As more and more businesses turn to Facebook advertising the more polluted the timelines are becoming. Take your time to think about the heading of your advert and whether its strong enough to make people click.


8  Your Advert Lacks Value

Your advert needs to add value to the audience, whether through personal help with a business problem or through monetary value like discount. Without value the advert won’t be if use and is unlikely to be successful.


9  You’ve Selected The Wrong Type Of Facebook Advert

If you haven’t planned out your campaign then you could well be using the wrong type of advert. With carousel, page past engagement, page likes, application ads, brand awareness to choose from to name a few it might be time to return to the setup stage and be confident you have the basics covered.


10 Your Advert Has Gone Stale

Adverts can go stale, especially those that you have used time and time again and even more so when you market to the same audience. Refresh your adverts by reviewing what you know went well and building on that to create new content.


Are You Ready To Start?

Facebook adverts are fantastic at generating leads and you should definitely be using them to help your business. Adverts need managing, creating and pressing go won’t suffice especially if you want to get a good ROI. Look at what areas you can tweak on your campaigns before, during and after the advert has run (continuos testing and measuring will see good results for you).

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Article Written By Stuart Baddiley Of Luv4 Marketing