Engage With Influential People To Boost Online Numbers

After years of database abuse from over excitable sales people you’ll understand that the collection of emails to form an awesome database is a somewhat slower process than it was a few years ago. This now means that a communication line has been somewhat cut, meaning we no longer can talk to our audience which means less business – right?

Well yes and no! this is bad news for those wishing to mass mail but great news for those who have the time to build up relationships with proper content that the contact wants to receive. Email isn’t the only place to talk to people and help build up your brand, In fact this could be a blessing in disguise as it may well force you to really start to look elsewhere for your marketing needs.

So where do we go next? Turn your attention to other online platforms and other ways of keeping in touch. Thankfully there’s Social Media and when used right, it can be your very best friend!


Consider relationship building with the right influential people and you might fast-track yourself to the kind of revenues that you’ve only dreamt of!


(1) First up find them! Thought leaders and influential people turn up everyday on Twitter, how about LinkedIn groups or Facebook groups too? Search the platforms and find your ideal new influencer(s) to start talking too.

(2) Next up start to think about how you can help them, not how they can help you! That way you are building a relationship that is real and true. It’s unlikely that if you have helped your new contact that somewhere in the future they won’t return the favour. We all work best with like-minded people and by working alongside your new contact your doing just this.

(3) You built it, now keep it! You’ve invested hours in finding and building the relationship now it’s time to invest in it. A few minutes per week is enough to keep you in the mindset but if that’s not bringing in more opportunity try increasing the time to find the balance between awesome and annoying! You can’t call them every minute of the day so find more ways to nurture this relationship. Sharing a post, RT a tweet, mentioning in your content could be all you need to keep the relationship alive.

(4) Turn up the heat! Next up is to move the relationship from twitter buddies to a more personal level. Ideally lunch or coffee would be best but where location or distance is a problem turn to phone calls or personal emails. Remember this is an important relationship for you so don’t go with a hard sell; instead continue to nurture the relationship.

(5) Finally make sure that connection knows all about you, what you sell and what you are looking for. By sharing, Re-tweeting etc. you will have already built up a good relationship where they will be replicating your actions. But what is important is that your connection thinks about you when an opportunity comes about.

Relationship building can be a lengthy process but a very rewarding one too, take the time to really think about whom you want to work with (remember they may have thousands of followers but their human just like you!). Follow the steps and we’re sure you’ll be seeing some incredible results before you know it.

Article Written By Stuart Baddiley Of Luv4 Marketing